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23 IPhone 7 Tips and Tricks


Iphone Tips and Tricks
Iphone Tips and Tricks

By having a look at iPhone 7 or 7 plus, you might think at first that nothing has changed and these two new models are same as iPhone 6 and 6s; in reality, this is not the case. The apparent shape and look might seem similar to previous models but there are a number of new features that you can explore, like customizable home button, portrait mode, dual camera plus and much more.

Here is a list of tricks that would be very helpful to you and these tricks will ensure your mastery over your new phone.

  1. Adjust the iPhone 7’s New Home Button

The first thing you will notice in your iPhone – apart from that that it is missing headphone jack – is that the home button doesn’t move at all. You will observe that it’s simply a cut-out and responds only when you press on it. The button will use haptic feedback to give you response.

The button is customizable and you can adjust the level of feedback most natural to your finger.

  1. Restart your iPhone 7

Restarting your iPhone isn’t the same as it was before. As already mentioned, the home button doesn’t move, which previously if pressed and held together with the power button restarted the phone. Since the home button is changed, so is the way to restart the phone. Now you can restart your phone by pressing power and volume button at the same time.

  1. Use the Depth of Field Effect with Your iPhone 7’s Camera

The iPhone 7 camera has two lenses at its back; one lens has a focal length of 28mm while the other has a focal length of 56mm. when combined, the collective focal length gives you more accurate picture when zoomed than the common digital zoom. If you have installed iOS 10 updates, you can now use depth-of-field, which lets you focus on the object but at the same time blurring the background artfully.

  1. Use the Optical Zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus

You can now use the dual camera to zoom in on objects. In the camera app you can find the button 1x, tap it and it will turn to 2x. If you want to zoom further, touch and press the 1x button and a semicircle will appear where you can zoom up to 10 times. You should remember that by zooming more than 2 times the camera will turn to digital zooming which can distort the quality of your image.

  1. Lock in the Zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus

The increased zoom capabilities of new iPhone mobiles resulted in the addition of this feature where you can lock the camera lens while you are recording a video. This locking will save you from switching telephoto lens to wide angle lens. It will also reduce the chances of flickered image.

  1. Enable iOS 10’s Rest Finger to Unlock Phone Feature

The way you unlock your phone is also changed in new iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Instead of resting your finger on the home button, you simply have to press it now. This can be a shock to you especially if you are using iPhone 7 for the first time. You can also switch to the old way by going to settings.

  1. Find the Camera Shortcut

In iOS 9 you could simply access the camera by touching a camera button on the home screen without even unlocking the phone. This feature is ideal when you want to capture something instantly and do not want to waste time in unlocking and then finding camera app. Apple has made it even easier for iPhone 7; you can now access the camera by swiping the lock screen to left.

  1. Turn Off Raise to Wake

Raise to Wake is probably one of the best things that Apple introduced in its latest models. It brings the screen of your phone to life once you pick it. But if you are uncomfortable with this feature and want the old way of unlocking, you can simply change it in the settings.

  1. Turn Your Keyboard into a Trackpad

This isn’t the new feature in iPhone 7 or 7 plus but it is much handy for 3D touch capable phones. If you are writing something or typing a mail, and you want to correct a word or want to copy a phrase, it causes difficulty because the finger comes between you and the text compromising precision. In iPhone 7 you can double click on the screen keyboard and a trackpad will appear, from here you can move the cursor or select a text easily.

  1. Add Widgets to Your Today Screen

In iOS 10 “Today screen” is different than the previous ones and give your mobile a unique home screen. You can customize the widgets on your screen which by default include weather conditions, calendar, and events and other Siri suggestions. The edit option lies on the bottom of the screen once you scroll down the Today screen.

  1. Avoid Water Damage

Apple has developed water resistant techniques in its new mobiles which are unprecedented especially in mobiles. If your phone gets dipped in 1-meter water for 30 minutes, it won’t cause any harm. But, one precaution is necessary and that is you shouldn’t charge your phone before it dries completely. If you want to secure your iPhone further, you can explore multiple iPhone covers with discounts on Groupon.

  1. Change Your Video Resolution

You can also change the resolution of the video in settings. You may not yet have a 4K TV in your living room, but still, if you are planning to buy one, this feature will serve you best. You can now record videos in multiple resolutions starting from 720p and going to 4K resolution with 30 frames per second.

You should also keep in mind that quality comes at the cost of disk space. 1 minute of 4K video will cost you 350MB. It is 6 times the lowest resolution.

  1. Take a Live Photo

In iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you can now capture a live photo, which means that camera will record a few second’s video before and after the picture. In the camera menu, live photo icon is just above the viewfinder where you can turn it on or off. The video captured before and after the photo is of 1.5 seconds. When the camera is recording a video, a word “Live” will appear on the screen which is the indicator that camera is still recording the video. If you put your camera down before the “Live” button disappears, you will get a blurred photo.

  1. Edit Live Photos

Once you have captured the live photo, you can also edit it by the built-in software. Once you have chosen the photo that you want to edit, press the edit button on the bottom of the photo and start editing. You can brighten or sharpen your image without distorting it; you can also straighten the photos as well as you can add multiple filters.

  1. Disable Touch Feedback

Apple has been able to modify its touch system to a point where you can actually feel – by way of vibrations – what you command, for instance, spinning a dial. Same is the case with many other actions like deleting emails or pulling the notification center down. If you aren’t comfortable with these touchy sensations, you can turn these off in the settings menu.

  1. Disable Flashy Messages Effects

One new feature in iPhone 7 is that you can send flashy messages. Apart from the text, you can add flashy color things like balloons which will appear on the screen of the receiver. If you are sensitive to the motion on the screen or simply don’t care for all these things, you can simply turn it off in the settings menu.

  1. Enable the Magnifier

Sometimes the normal screen isn’t enough and you want to see things magnified purely out of curiosity, you can enjoy this new feature. The magnifier lets you zoom far more closely than the camera and you can see even the minutest details. You can even add some light on the subject by activating the flashlight.

  1. Enable Color Filters

A distinguished feature in new iPhones is that you can choose color filters. This is really helpful for those persons who are color blind. If you are unable to distinguish between some colors then use this new feature. The feature has a variety of filter options to help you choose from.

  1. Clear All Notifications at Once

In previous models of iPhone, you could clean the notifications on a day basis. There is a little modification the way you remove all your notifications in iPhone 7. With its 3D touch capability, you can press and hold the x button on the top – the single touch of which was used to select all day’s notifications – and you can wipe the slate of your notifications clean.

  1. Control Center Shortcuts

With the help of 3D touch, you can access multiple shortcuts in the control center. All you have to do is swipe up to bring a panel. From here you can access multiple features like flashlight, calculator or camera etc. But with the 3D touch capability, you can force touch to get additional options like the intensity of the flashlight.

  1. Queue up the Next Song

iOS 10 has a redesigned music app which lets you play music more according to your taste. If you are listening to a song and you suddenly remember some other song, you can go to the playlist and hard press on the song to add it to a queue. When the current song will end the next song which will be played will be of your choice.

  1. Quickly Switch Apps

All of you should be aware that we can switch between the apps by double clicking the home button where a multi-interface will pop up. But, with the help of 3D touch capability, you can now switch directly to the most recently used apps.

  1. Pay with Your iPhone

Paying with your mobile was also a feature in Apple i6 but if you are moving from something earlier to iOS 10, then this must be something new for you. With the help of Near Field Communications, you can pay at any pay terminal which supports this feature. All you have to do is launch a wallet app and set up your account by entering your payment card numbers.






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