3 ways where can you get ideas to blog about?

You are sitting in your chair with your computer in front of you. You are now excited to write something on your blog however your idea bulb is not flashing at all. You think about it and start to wait, hoping that an idea will gracefully waltz itself into your brain. Minutes passed and you are getting frustrated. Nothing! Not even a tiny spark on your idea bulb. Will you still wait for the idea to come to you?

Don’t wait for the idea to come to you, go to where the idea is. So now, the question is, where should you go? I will give you some locations on where ideas like to hang out.

Other people’s blogs

I call this blog hoping with a purpose. I’m sure a lot of you blog-hop from one blog to another. However, some may just write something on the tag board such as “blog-hopped / was here / visit my blog” without actually reading anything. Why not read their blog and leave some thoughtful comments while you are visiting? Not only will they reciprocate what you have done, you might actually get an idea or two for an article to write.

The easiest and dirtiest way to do this is of course to copy-paste what they have written, change some words and you have your own article! You can just extract the main idea or gist of the article, sprinkle some of you personal experiences, and mix it up with your writing style and voila, a fresh article just waiting to be published. Another alternative is compile the blog posts that you find interesting into a post, similar to what I’m doing in reaching out.

Latest news

You can read the newspapers, watch television or listen to the radio. If you find something that is related to what you are blogging about, start writing immediately. Aside from gaining an idea, you can gain more benefits if you are the first to blog about it. You will become the source of other’s blogs! So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, a blog idea and lots of visitors.

You are not limited to the news that you see, read or hear. You can write news about yourself or friends.

Relate something to your blog

If you are having a hard time thinking of what to write, try to think of other things then relate it to your blog. An example would be when I talked about idioms and blogging. Other examples would be these possible topic titles; “Writing blog articles are very similar to writing your research papers!“, “What some-person-here taught me about blogging/life“, “Blogging text quotes“, “If you don’t know how to blog, you will never get a girlfriend!?

One advantage to this is that, you can be creative with your post titles. If you can think up a weird/controversial relationship between something and your blog, you will be playing with your reader’s curiosities.

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