A must read articles for bloggers on the Valley Golf Brawl

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I would like to share this article to everyone especially to bloggers who have blogged and expressed their sentiments on the Valley Golf Brawl Issue.


Update: Personal Reaction

When I read this article, I was guilty because I was among those bloggers who blogged about this after hearing only Bambee’s story. It never came to me to know the side of the Pangamandamans.

I got to know the story when I read it from a multiply account. The story was really written well that you would then feel pity on them and also anger for injustice against the “assaulters” in the story. At first, never did it occured to me that the story could be biased based on the facts that the writter wants us to know. As days go by and investigations were done, we got to know that the story lacked a “few” details. Details that the writter would deem irrelevant or perhaps, can be used against them and weaken their statement.

The Pangamandamans also have their story. They should else they won’t be able to defend themselves against the onslaught of blogger posts. I’m sure that their story also is similar to Bambee’s story. They would intentionally remove details that could be used against them and try to show that they are the victims rather than the attackers according to Bambee.

For the real story to come out, we could not rely on their accounts because it has fallacies and inconsistencies with each other. All we can do now is to rely on the investigation done by the NBI on this and hope that they can uncover the truth behind the incident.

For the bloggers out there who blogged about this event, please take time to read the article and think about it.

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