A new blog theme for Silkenhut’s World

Hi everyone, I would like to announce that I will be changing to a new theme effective today. It took me a long time to change to a new theme because of technical difficulties. My internet connection was killing me, I would get disconnected a lot. (can’t upload the theme propoerly)

Btw, the wordpress theme that I’m going to use is the blue theme from easywordpress.com. I modified it a bit especially on the CSS and banner ads placement. Overall it’s a very nice theme.

Update: After two hours of “forced blog downtime”, the blog is now back up with a new theme. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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18 thoughts on “A new blog theme for Silkenhut’s World

  1. huwaaaaw! blue… i like! im bias! hahahhahaa… and im first to put a comment! hahahaha ^_^

  2. i definitely like this better than the last one..

  3. mas maganda ang navigation ngayon.

  4. Whhoooaaa.. Nice blu thing.. Match na yung site natin parehas na maka blue.. He he he..

    Congrats for your new theme

  5. Looks great on your website.. you decided to extend it to 6×125 ads eh? Hehe.. I guess there’s no such thing as too much ad space

  6. ang hilig mo talaga sa BLUE! wahehehe. Congrats on your new theme!

  7. mas maganda to ha. goodluck!

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  11. The theme is sooo gay. I love it!

  12. psychosedated says:

    definitely better than your last theme 🙂

  13. looks good.

  14. Karlo.PinoyBlogero says:

    congrats on your new theme. hehehe. Sabi sayo maganda e.

  15. Congrats kuya Allen. 😀

  16. excelent , Great work!

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