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Hi there,

My name is Allen and I’m currently working at Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific as a technical consultant but I’m also the blogger behind this blog. I used to have a lot of free time when I was still a student but now, I have lesser free time but that doesn’t stop me from blogging as blogging has been giving me a decent income which supplements my salary.

I have been blogging for a long time now. I made a lot of blogs before and abandoned some of them. Some were abandoned because I changed blog hosts, because I lost the motivation to continue, and sometimes because I forgot my password and the email I used to register with that blog. I realized that blogging religiously is not an easy task. I usually get victimized by writer’s block, pressured in studies and living in the real world.

However, blogging can also be fun and fulfilling. It can serve as your outlet for your problems. My previous blogs were usually rants about life. Whenever I feel bad, I tend to blog what is making me feel bad and it makes me feel better. Through blogging I can calm myself. Blogging can also help you gain new friends. You get to interact with other bloggers and exchange ideas with them. Blogging has also helped me improve on my writing skills. As you can see, I am writing in English and this is what you call constant practice in English writing. haha

I’m proud to be a blogger! Yeah!

Old version:

My name is Allen and I’m currently a student that has a lot of free time on his hands. I have a lot of free time because I am now in my thesis stage so I only go to school when it’s time for consultations. Most of the time, I’m just at home being online. So what do I do?

I like to watch anime especially those with lots of fan service in them (yum yum hehe). I also watch some asian dramas which of course I tend to watch because the actresses are very pretty. Uhh I also like to play games. I also like to blog!

More on my hobbies and interest.

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