Acrophobic Me and Enchanted Kingdom

Acrophobic Me and Enchanted Kingdom

I’m an acrophobic. I am scared of heights and that’s one of the main reasons why I really don’t enjoy going to theme parks just to line up for the rides because most of them involves heights.

Well, just recently, we went to Enchanted Kingdom to unwind and de-stress. There were a lot of people on that day because it seems that some schools had a field trip there so it was very crowded but it did not stop the group from lining up from one ride to the other. The only problem here is that you have to wait like 30-45 minutes in line just to have a 1-2 minute ride.

So what am I going to do since I am scared of heights? Should I just stay at the corner and take pictures? Should I ride those kiddy rides as it doesn’t involve a lot of heights? or should I try those rides and be scared sh…less.

EKstreme Tower Drop

I’m not sure how new this was in Enchanted Kingdom but it seems to be the replacement of the Condor Ride they used to have. However, the catch is, you have to pay PHP80 just to ride this one as this is one of the rides that is not included in the ride all you can package. The concept here is that you will be raised up slowly then at the top of the tower, it will drop you fast (in 2 seconds I think) and that is all. Hello enjoyment and goodbye PHP 80.

I did not ride this one so I just took pictures and I even took a video (awesome HD quality! yeah! *self praise).

Link to Video =

Anchor’s Away

The concept of Anchor’s away is that you will be riding a ship and it will be moving in a half circle motion…

u <– normal position

(   <– it will tilt 90 degrees then return to normal position then tilt again 90 degress back and forth –> )

While waiting in line, I took a timer and timed the whole ride and it took around 2minutes from start to finish and that’s how long I should endure the ride. Will I survive this one? Finally, it was our turn and now my nightmares begins… I started to prepare myself as we rode the ship and I also want to take a video of the experience. With my left hand firmly holding the bar and my right hand holding the camera as high as I can (it was very low actually lol), the ride started.

It started slow for the first two repetitions and then suddenly, I felt sick. My fear started to overcome me as the ship was moving fast and tilting to I don’t know angle (90 I suppose). As the our side goes up, I took a deep breath to inhale while clenching the bars as tight as I can then as it goes down, I was literally shaking on my knees. I usually don’t shout on rides as I just cower in fear but this time, I tried shouting as they said that shouting should release your fear and let you enjoy. But it didn’t work… I was shouting as loud as I can yet I’m still scared and shaking at every cycle of up and down. I tried different shouts, manly shouts and gay like shouts but to no avail.

I was able to take a video but on the latter part of the video, I couldn’t raise my right hand properly so all you can hear was shout of fear. Glad it was over…

Space Shuttle

This is a roller-coaster ride. It has one loop I think then a few twists and turns here and you have to traverse the path twice, forward and in reverse. For me, it is another opportunity for me to get scared sh…less and be stricken with fear. Once again, I rode it for the sake of my PHP500 entrance fee… The ride would start by going in reverse going up to get some momentum then it accelerate down until it reaches the other side, then it will go back again the same path with everything in reverse. It should be over at around one minute so it is much shorter than the Anchor’s away so it should be no problem right? Wrong!

We were seated at the 2nd car from the front and I was holding tight again to the handles as the ride started. I tried to calm myself by smiling a lot and even tried singing but was really out of tune! And it started to accelerate and all the happy thoughts in my head turned into fear and horror as it was moving fast enough for me to react properly. I wasn’t able to close my eyes when we reach the other side. I considered that an achievement for myself and I was trying to prep myself again before it starts going back in reverse but I failed. It started again and this time, I closed my eyes and was hoping for it to end already. Once it ended, I regain myself and started happily going down because it is all over… however, that experience was also caught in video and it was literally the face of horror.

Those were the rides that we tried that involves heights and it really took a heavy toll on me. I really don’t know how to enjoy these rides.

We also tried these other rides:

  • Rialto – movie where the seat moves.
  • Rio Grande – Got wet here
  • Bump and Splash – Bumper cars on water
  • Bumper Cars

And lastly, we had the fireworks display to end our day.

I can say that it was a fun experience overall but the experience while in those rides were really.. unpleasant. Even if I ride them again, I believe I would still feel the same way.

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  1. I myself is afraid of heights. I have a gf back then who is not. So when we date on theme parks. She is on the Ride and I’m outside taking pictures of her.

    I haven’t tried the space shuttle only the Anchors away in Starcity. I can be a race car daredevil driver but not an austronaut. Really I’m afraid of the heights but not of speed.

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