Subic Tree Top Adventure and Acrophobic Me

Acrophobic Me and Subic Tree Top Adventure

Subic Tree Top Adventure

I repeat, I’m an acrophobic.

It started as an invite to join a trip to Subic but I did not expect to face my fears yet again in the Subic Tree Top Adventure. The place is like a jungle with lots of tall trees and they have made it into a an attraction where you can have fun on their “rides”. There are slow paced rides and fast paced rides but all involves heights (an acrophobic’s nightmare).

Subic Tree Top Adventure Menu

Subic Tree Top Adventure list of ride packages / prices

So let us have a run though with the rides.

Canopy Ride

Slow Paced. You will sit in a three seater and you will move slowly from tree to tree four times. It wasn’t that scary unless you look down and you will realize how high you actually are. So just take some pictures but don’t look down.

Trekking Adventure

Slow Paced and no heights. Just a simple trek around the place where the tour guide will sometimes stop and explain some things.

Basic Survival Demo

Subic Tree Top Adventure

Slow Paced and no heights. Now this one was cool! The guide showed us how to make a lot of things with just one long bamboo stick and his bolo. He was able to make a drinking cup, spoon, fork, plates, rice cooker, and his grand finale was to make fire by applying math, science, and PE (forgot one subject).

Superman Ride

Subic Tree Top Adventure Superman Ride

Fast Paced. I did not try this one but I just watched how it happens. So you are suspended in mid air and you pulled back at the start; stop in mid air (for photo op I guess) and then go back to where you came from. I’m not sure how far the distance is since I only got to see the pause for photo op. I guess you can feel like superman if you do the pose and just look straight ahead.

Silver Surfer

Fast Paced. You will be on a “contraption” that looks like an I where you will put your hands and it will move back and forth for a long distance for 8 rounds. While in transit, I wasn’t that scared but when it stops to change direction, fear creeps back into me as the feeling is very much similar to anchor’s away going down from the top. Others even let go of their hands so extend them and feel the excitement, and even further, our office-mates swayed it while in transit just like how you maneuver a motorcycle.

Interactive Free Fall

Fast Paced but no idea how this works.

Subic Tree Top Adventure

Fast Paced and their main attraction I guess. Similar to the superman ride, you will be suspended in midair but instead of going forward or backward, you will be dropped. The guy assisting us up there was really funny as he would crack a lot of jokes and force us to step off the platform, remove our hands from the safety bar until we are just hanging there without holding anything at all. Once he shouts, “Fuego”, you are going down literally. I tried my best to say I’m not afraid but the grip I did as I held the assistant said other wise. I also tried to look down and open my eyes till the end, but as my head started to fall first, I felt nauseous and had to close my eyes in fear. Once the ride is over, I tried to calm down but my heart was beating wildly (for the next 10 minutes or so).

Glad it is all over! It was a good experience but pricey. I wasn’t that scared compared to my Enchanted Kingdom experience so either I’m improving or it wasn’t just that scary at all.

Till my next trip (I don’t know when actually),




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