Adding PHP code in wordpress posts

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If you want to have the ability to code in PHP in your wordpress posts, then you need to install the Exec-PHP Plug-in. With this plug-in, you can type your code in between <?php and ?> tags.


The classic hello world example (hehe)
<?php echo Hello World"; ?>

will output this in your browser.
Hello World

Personal Experience

When I was trying to make my archives page work, I found some php code in the read me file that I could not execute since the default wordpress post does not understand php. So with this plug-in, Exec-PHP, I was able to type in the php code and do some testing. This is a very helpful plug-in.

Just a little note

I have noticed that most of my posts here in this blog are technical posts. I mean, posts that normal people won’t appreciate. I apologize for this and I would start posting “normal” content after I have made sure the blog is running smoothly. I am just posting these technical stuffs because I have experienced these problems and perhaps some others would have experienced it too, so it can help them. ^_^

Edit : Another note

Reading some of my archives, I noticed that I have talked about the note above ^ in just a recent post. Talk about being redundant. haha

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