How to Add Plug-Ins to WordPress?

Updated Guide on How to Add Plug-Ins to WordPress?:

Easier way via the WordPress Plug-in Repository

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for the plug-in you want
  3. Click on Install Now and then Activate

The manual way…

I am browsing the web for some plug-ins to add in wordpress. Plug-ins are one of the good features of wordpress, it allows users to add more customizations to their blog without much problems or tweaking in the code / template.

Adding plug-in is in wordpress is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Download the plug-in
  2. Unzip/Unrar the plug-in into the plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Activate the plug-in your wordpress settings

So here is my list of plug-ins I added and site resources. I am still looking for more plug-ins. If you could suggest some cool and useful plug-ins, please do so. Thank you!


Plug-ins added

  1. Brians Threaded Comments 1.5.9 – Allows people to reply to specific comments made by people.
  2. WP Ajax Edit Comments – Allows people to edit their own comments after posting it for a limited set of time (which is set by the admin).
  3. Subscribe to Comments 2.1 – Allows people to follow the discussion on an entry by getting an email every time a new comment is posted.
  4. Adsense Deluxe – This will put adsense in your blog. It is very customizable and you should try it out yourself. I noticed that this does not work if you put the adsense-deluxe.php in a subfolder, it should be on /plugins/. Perhaps a minor tweak in a code should fix this.
  5. Contact Form – Allows people to contact me via a form.
  6. Popularity Contest – Let’s you know which posts are popular (lots of visits and views)
  7. In-series – This is for those people who likes to blog a series of post such as episode guides, how to chop onions in a 4 part series, 3 pages of application forms and other similar things. It groups those posts so that readers won’t have a hard time finding the next part or previous part.
  8. Spam Karma – Aside from Akismet, this is another plug-in to fight spam.
  9. Similar Posts – This plug-in adds links to posts that are similar to what the visitor is currently reading.
  10. FireStats – This will track your website stats. I tried to install Automattics stat tracker but it won’t accept my API key. I used the same key on akismet and it worked. I wonder what’s the problem.
  11. SRG Clean Archives – Among the different plug-ins with different interfaces, I like this archive plug-in better. I wonder if it’s better to show all posts or only the posts per month?

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