Adidas King Of the Road 2010

Adidas King Of the Road 2010

Oct 25, 2010

I joined the Adidas King of the Road 2010 run yesterday and was happy with my results. My time has improved by around 5 minutes compared to my first 10k. This event was also the most expensive run I joined because registration fee was PHP850 and you get an Adidas Singlet and free breakfast (which was ignorable).

What went well?

  • Satisfaction of seeing better results from my 10k run
  • there were celebrities there but I could not recognize them
  • Lots of freebies.. but for the early birds only
  • Unlimited pandesal? (if you want more)
  • The timing chip is cool! (they are not the first but it is my first time wearing them).

What went wrong?

  • It rained a few hours before the rain would start so there was part of the trail that all muddy. It caused a major bottleneck at the start of the race and this killed our momentum.
  • The advertised buffet breakfast was simple a packed meal of 1 hotdog, 2 pandesal and 1 banana.
  • Other people complained that some hydration stations ran out of water (especially for 21k runners)

I really thought that I was running at a good pace already but I did too much zig-zagging at the start of the race to avoid those who were walking that I landed awkwardly on my left foot and it gave me lots of pain while going up the Buendia flyover. I lost a lot of time due to the bottleneck in that muddy path and because I was just walking on the flyover (lazy to run on the steep path). I can do much better than this!

My goal for 10k is to improve my time to around 1 hour for 10k. I hope I can do this! Aja aja!^_^

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