After my HongKong Trip – Oct2008

Well, I hope the post title is enough to say where was I this past few days where this blog went blank again…

I’m still resting and fixing my stuffs here, so this is just a quick excerpt. I’ll continue this post tomorrow. 🙂

UPDATE: POST UPDATED as of today (October 30, 2008)

My HongKong Trip Day 1

We flew to Hongkong on Saturday Afternoon and the airplane trip was really short. It only took less than two hours and we are there. I was amazed on how nice their airport was. It was really spacious and my eyes just keep on wondering all over the place. Well, we just went to our hotel and had dinner for our first day.

Highlights of Day 1 and initial observations

  • Mercedez Benz is their common car (think of it as a civic here in the Philippines)
  • their street lights has sounds that warns pedestrians when it is ok to cross
  • The R66 restaurant has a unique feature. It gives you a mini tour by going around 360 degrees while you eat.
  • Hongkong MTR (train system) is very organized and easy to follow (if you can read as said by one of our friends)
  • Hongkong people are very rich! (there are a lot of luxury cars out there in the streets where I only used to see them in pictures and games)

My HongKong Trip Day 2

Day 2. Well, this was a tiring day because of the activities we did. Let me enumerate.

  1. We had a long MTR trip going to one of the stations.
  2. We rode the cable car which was very long (I was doing my best not to look down as I might freak out *scared of heights*)
  3. We climbed, err used the staircase, to reach a very big Buddha statue.
  4. Had a taste of Gellato Ice Cream (similar price to Haagen Daz ice cream). Although my parents said that the one in Europe was much tastier.
  5. Visited and ate at Lan Kwai Fong (this is a good place to hang out with your friends. I’m sure to come back here with a different crowd hehe)

After that, we are back in the hotel tired as hell.

My HongKong Trip Day 3

Hmm today, most of the day was consumed when my father bought a new watch. We were at HongKong Times Square where there were a lot of nice cars, expensive watches and of course, hot babes walking around. As they were scouting of which watch to buy, I was just on the streets gazing at the cars passing by and stealing glances on pretty girls that pass my way.

After that, we then went to Lamma Island. However, we rode the wrong boat and got to a place where we don’t anything else to do but to eat. If we rode the correct boat, we would have seen more but well, mistakes do happen so what can we do. So we simply ate a nice seafood meal and went back home to rest. At this point, we were hyped on our shopping spree tomorrow in China.

My HongKong Trip Day 4

Our much awaited day. We are supposed to go shopping in China and we were excited like hell. We woke up,  rushed fast to meet our friend, and had a long train trip to the Zhen Zhen border. There, we went pass the Hong Kong immigration only to be denied of a pass to China. T_T

They told us it was their new policy. They only glanced at our passport and seeing that it was from the Philippines, they refused to give us visas to China. However, some white people came by and it was granted very fast. For me, and I guess the white people who saw what happened, agree on the same thing. This is simply discrimination. Is this their revenge on the ban on Chinese milk products due to melanine contamination? Oh well, frustrating as it is, we had to choice but to go back to Hong Kong. We lost 1/2 of our day due to it.

Never the less, we went to MongKok and did shop like hell their. Although the prices in China would have been lower, we had to choice.

As of now, just a reminder to all Filipinos. If you want to go to China from HongKong, get your Visas first in HongKong because the border won’t give it anymore due to their “new policy”. You have to spread this by word of mouth as they do not placed a sign that says, NO GRANTING OF VISAS TO FILIPINOS here.

I’m still satisfied with what I’ve bought but I think I’m going to cry when I see the bills next month. 🙂

My HongKong Trip Day 5

Last day was the trip to the airport. Everything was just on time that we did not have anytime to relax. LoL. Oh well, back to the Philippines and to reality. However, I still won’t work as later today, I’m going home again to Iloilo and stay there for the weekend. All the best to my relaxation.

That’s it for my HongKong Trip. I hoped you learned something about it. Pictures will be uploaded.. hmm if I get my hands on the camera later today.

ah yes, Happy Birthday to Fritz Ivy Motte. 😛

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  1. @yatot – I wasn’t aware of this new policy and I’m trying to find out if there was a policy that was passed for this not allowing pinoys to get visa on their border.

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