AJAX not working after WordPress 3.2 Upgrade

AJAX not working after WordPress 3.2 Upgrade

AJAX not working after WordPress 3.2 Upgrade

After recently upgrading to WordPress 3.2, I realized that I cannot modify my widgets page via chrome anymore. I had to do it via Internet Explorer.

However, I also realized that I cannot even create posts using the visual editor. I cannot add tags nor can I add categories, or even simply write a post. I had to disable the visual editor just to write a blog post. Definitely something is wrong after I did the upgrade to wordpress 3.2 which is isolated on this blog because my food blog has no problems after the upgrade. AJAX is not working after the WordPress 3.2 Upgrade.

I asked my friend Google for some advice and I was told that it has something to do with the JQuery Upgrade that made other wordpress plug-ins I had in this blog misbehave causing this issue. So I tried checking which WordPress plug-in was it by uninstalling them and checking if I can make a post.

My first plug-in that was caught was the “Advanced Category Excluder” wordpress plug-in. However, I have uninstalled most of them but I still can’t write a post so I tried re-installing WordPress but with no success (it did not solve the issue). My last resort was to re-install my theme and it worked! 🙂

Just to summarize:

If you notice that your blog is misbehaving (AJAX not working), it may have been caused by a recent WordPress upgrade and how your blog became incompatible with your current plug-ins and themes. To resolve such issues, you need to isolate the plug-in or theme that causes this issue. It is a tedious trial and error process but it has to be done for your blogging technical support. 🙂

Hope this helps!

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