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All in one SEO wordpress plugin Guide

All in one SEO wordpress plugin Guide

Yesterday I told you that my blog is not optimized for search engines. In reaction to this, I looked around the web for some wordpress plugins that will aid me in making my blog more search engine friendly or optimized for search engines. After scanning the list of plugins at, I settled down on this plugin, All in One Seo Pack since the name sounds catchy hehe.

Well, aside from being catchy, I was impressed on what All in One Seo Pack can do for my blog. I admit it’s kind of labor intensive especially if you have a lot of blog articles, but I can say the efforts are worth it. Let me introduce you to the All in One Seo Pack plug-in.

All in One SEO Pack offers a lot of features. It can optimize your page titles, add descriptions and keywords to your posts, and offer to put “no index” on your archives, categories to prevent duplicate content.


You have to manually input your home page title, home page description and home page keywords. Make it descriptive enough for your blog’s benefit.

Now let us proceed to the solutions to the two reasons why my blog is unoptimized for search engines. We have two problems here, the post title and the post excerpt. All in one seo pack can address both of these problems as long as you do some work too. Let us look at the unoptimized search result of my blog.

Rewrite Post Titles

You can rewrite your post titles so that it would be more “optimized”.

Before “rewrite titles”

After “rewrite titles”

The first thing you might say is that, you just interchanged the post title and the blog name. However, this simple change can have effect your SEO. This title is also the same title that people will see in search engines. This will address the problem of post titles in your results.

Write Meaningful descriptions to your articles

All in one seo pack gives you the ability to write your own description and keywords for each article that you write. This is important since search engines use the description as the excerpt of your post in the search results. If they can’t find a description, they will use the first few words that they can see in that page (not just in the article but in the whole page) which in my case are the blog categories.

This can be time consuming but if you want to improve the search results to your blog you must do it. I have started doing this on my newer post. I’ll probably write descriptions on my older posts one by one soon.

All in one SEO pack in action

Here’s a google result on my blog that shows the correct description of the post. Note that the title has not changed since I just activated the “rewrite titles” yesterday so I have to wait till google visits my site again.

I do not claim to be an expert in SEO but I’m trying my best to learn about it. If there is something wrong in what I just wrote, please do inform me. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “All in one SEO wordpress plugin Guide

  1. I’ve been planning to install this plugin for quite a while now but I keep on forgetting. Hehe 😀

    I’ll try to do it today if I find the time.

  2. Nice post silken! 😉

    I did this manually on my blog about a month ago. It was time consuming! i tell you. .hehe But a great post none the less! if only you posted this a month ago! lol

    Ps. I missed putting up your link to my blogroll when i transferred it just yesterday. I apologioze my friend. 🙁

    Its up and running now. 😉

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  3. @Jaypee – Prepare to write lots of descriptions!!! bwahaha! the horror!

    @Kirby – Wish I could have known this too last month. Now I have a month of posts to add descriptions to… I hope I can get my lazy butt to do it asap. ^_^

  4. nice plugin…

    in my case, what i for the blog/site title is manually edit the header.php file.. i looked for the variable for the title and manually add it..

    with this plugin, no need.. very useful.

  5. Dear Allen Gurrea, thanks for your thoughts. Hope you are doing great now a day. We have recently listed the best SEO plugins for wordpress. Those are very effective for SEO. I think few of them will help you a lot for the SEO as you already started SEO for blogs. Oh, please leave a comment if you wish.

    Greetings from Germany,


  6. Hi, Kevin Stacey here..

    First off, this post is extremely thorough! I don’t see too many bloggers going into detail like you have…that’s the mark of a blogger who knows their SEO plugin. For optimization, free plugins like All in One SEO Pack are really great as it lays down the basic SEO foundation for a WordPress site, but every blog is different and nothing works best for everyone.

    I always suggest looking at a side-by-side comparison of the best seo plugins for WordPress in order to make an informed decision of what the best plugin is for that blogger and their website’s specific needs.

    Here’s my most recent write-up on the subject:

    SEO Pressor vs Easy WP SEO vs Scribe SEO

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Great article btw…I’ll be referencing this post on my main blog.

    1. Thank you Kevin. I read your article and it was very informative. I haven’t tried Scribe SEO though. I myself have switched to Easy WP SEO (for checking) and using Greg’s SEO as a replacement for ALL in one SEO. It makes me work more but I think it will be worth it in the long run. 🙂

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