Another Blog Downtime

Yesterday, I witnessed yet another downtime of my blog. This is the third time that I have experienced this. I think there might have been other downtimes that have happened in my blog but I wasn’t been able to see it.

I noticed this first when I went to visit Karlo.PinoyBlogero’s blog and noticed it was down. I then tried to access mine, it’s also down. I thought about this and for sure, this has become a problem for us. Although, Karlo warned me before I bought from this webhosting company, I still bought because of it’s very cheap price…

I realized, price is not the only thing you should look at when looking for a webhosting… So, what other factors do we need to consider? The answer will be in the next post…

Will I get sued if I name the webhosting company? hehe

8 thoughts on “Another Blog Downtime

  1. I don’t know if criticizing a particular webhosting in which your blog is hosted will violate any policy or terms of service.

    I also witnessed their downtime as well as yours and Karlo. My newly owned site is hosted under them, the same as yours. But if you ask me, I won’t blame them fully for the downtimes. Read “Our Network” below their website. The servers which our sites are hosted are not owned by them and are located on the US. They act as a reseller (correct me if I’m wrong).

  2. Yep, saw it when Yours and Karlo’s blog are down… forgot to mention it to you…

    Better not say which webhosting company your in.. but i’ll advertise mine.. marvinsweb.. hahaha, never had any downtime for 3 years 🙂

  3. Oo nga. Nakakaasar. Because of this I am now thinking of leaving the said hosting site and go look for more reliable ones. I would ask you to join, pero I know that your still tied up to them for six more months. haha.

  4. hmmm… parang alam ko kung anong web hosting ito na mura… ayaw ko lang manggaling sa akin baka may masaktan… hehehhe… buti na lang nasa free webhosting ako!

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