Anyone used Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog language?

Anyone used Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog language?
Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog Language

When I downloaded Nokia PC Suite from, I was surprised that the language of the software is in Tagalog (Filipino) Language.

Today, I simply want to update the songs in my Nokia 6300 phone and remembered that I used Nokia PC Suite to convert my MP3s to MP4 files so that it would be much smaller when placed in my limited 64mb storage.

So I simply searched for Nokia PC Suite and clicked on the first link which was, and downloaded the software. Little did I know that I downloaded a localized version of Nokia PC Suite and as much as I want to patronize our own, I have to admit Tagalog isn’t my expertise as I’m not a native speaker of it. I only started speaking in Tagalog when I went to college in Manila and it has always been my waterloo in school.

I tried and browsed through Nokia PC Suite and here are some screens for you of the features I usually use in Nokia PC Suite.

Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog Language - Messages
Nokia Communication Center

Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog Language - Content Copier
Nokia Content Copier

Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog Language - Features
Nokia PC Suite Features

Bottomline, I will go for the English version. I’m afraid my vocabulary of Tagalog isn’t that deep to understand everything written here (I had a nosebleed reading the EULA and the disclaimers). But I’m really happy to see a localized version of Nokia PC Suite.

I used Nokia PC Suite Version 7.1 btw.


I did not realize the filename was a giveaway that this is in Tagalog language.

Now I am downloading the English version of Nokia PC Suite. I hope for lesser nosebleeds. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Anyone used Nokia PC Suite in Tagalog language?

  1. same thing happened to me before hahaha

  2. darn.. i just installed it and its pretty cool in tagalog actually. hehe. thing is it takes much of my time to read. its unfortunate it doesn’t have any option to change language considering both languages are used in our country. oh well.. yep im uninstalling and looking for the other version 😛 cheers!

  3. hmm..sheesh figured it out. when ya click on the link baside yer model it automatically downloads the tagalog version. scroll down till the end and you have the option to download the english.. toink. heads up lang. 😛

  4. SAME TAYO! AY GRABE! HINDI AKO KUNTENTO SA TAGALOG, i prefer english language! all we have to do is to uninstall it and download another one na pwede pumili ng language. haha!

  5. haha we have the same problem,im actually searching on how to translate it on english when i came to ur website. The thing is im a native filipino speaker pero sumakit din ang ulo ko trying to understand the instructions written in tagalog. hehe

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