ATM Error Data Mag Stripe is INVALID

ATM Error Data Mag Stripe is INVALID

I recently had my ATM card replaced because I have been getting this error when I insert my card in ATM machines, “ATM Error Data Mag Stripe is INVALID“. The machine would simply toss it out again after you insert it and you cannot do any transactions. Inspecting the card showed me that the magnetic strip (black strip at the back) already has some damages (well overused lol).

So I asked for an ATM card replacement from my bank and it has a processing time of 4 days. Four days doesn’t seem to be too long if you have spare cash but if you are running low on your budget, four days seems like forever. Well, I just recently got a new ATM card and hopefully this will help those who had their ATM suffer the same fate as mine.

and oh btw, I don’t know why but there are some machines that still accept my ATM card before I had it replaced. Maybe some ATM machines (the older ones I believe) are picky while the new ones are still able to read it regardless of any damages. I could no longer test it as the bank employee brutally destroyed my old card in front of my eyes. 😀

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  1. You are right. It is because the newer machines can access data in a more efficient way, just like new DVD roms. Yet, it may be possible that the never machine that first allowed transactions can deny access.

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