Attending the BlogBank Launching Party

Ultra Short Summary : Yesterday I attended the BlogBank Launching Party @ RedBox, Greenbelt 3.

(That’s all for now since I’m so sleepy and I have an exam in 4 hours. I promise to finish this when I get home).

Now updated! ^_^

BlogBank? What’s that?

BlogBank is a new advertising company that’s CPM (the amount you earn is based on the number of impressions you have for the ads) based. It has been created by Filipinos and it formally launched last thursday, March 13, 2008 at Red Box in GreenBelt 3 Makati.

My own experience with blogbank launching party

I got to know about this launching party through the PinoyBlogosphere groups. Since the venue is just at Red Box and I’m just in Robinson’s summit working, I decided to go. And I’m glad I did go!

Free food! Free use of the karaoke bar! Free beer! Free ultra large toblerone and it was nice to see fellow bloggers again. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a blogger meet-up like this. I think it was in Taste Asia 2 because I wasn’t able to go at the Ms. Fields launching (blames PinoyBlogero hehe) and the Trinoma Food Fest (envies the other bloggers).

So there I was. At first the only person I knew was Mr. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh but I got to meet other bloggers as well. Here are the some bloggers where I know their names and their blogs (sorry I can’t remember the others)

  • AJ – The sixth spice girl!
  • Benj – Rockstar! ^_^
  • Enrico
  • Amy
  • Ms. Noemi

Anyways it was fun to see them drinking and singing in the Karaoke. Too bad I had to go back early to the office else my legendary team leader is going to kill me. hehe Hoping for more blogger events soon. It’s always a nice experience to meet with fellow bloggers you get to mingle with online. ^_^

Update 2:

Ahh yes, for those looking for the blog bank sign up link, here it is.

Update 3:

Is Blogbank still active? I don’t think so but their website is still up.

6 thoughts on “Attending the BlogBank Launching Party

  1. Hey man, sorry was not able to go to the party 🙁 I already had a dinner arrangement that night. And I don’t think bringing her there would be a good idea haha.

    Do post about the juices of BlogBank.

    And you sure you did not get drunk that day haha.

    See ya man.

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  2. @jonats – remove feedsmith. 😛 Then edit your theme, find all instances of “” and replace it with your feedburner address. ^_^

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