Ayos Dito Connect & Win Promo

Ayos Dito Connect & Win Promo

Ayos Dito Silkenhut Entry


I just want to share about a promo where you can win apple products just by joining their site via Facebook. It is from AyosDito, an online marketplace and their promo is called Ayos Dito Connect & Win. To join, all you have to do is to click on the join button at the upper right of the page and once you allow permission on your Facebook account, you will instantly have an account and get ten (10) raffle entries. You can gain more entries by posting ads that get approved so if you are an online seller, you can get more chances of winning by just doing your thing. However, if you are not a seller, you can still earn raffle points by inviting friends, sharing / liking, recommending ads or if you get recommended. You can keep track of your entries by checking your promo profile.

Just to add, I have always been afraid of buying things online especially with the stories of getting scammed (bogus sellers / buyers lurking everywhere). But as I was canvassing for cell phone prizes, I would sometimes see that the prices are really lower online (see online gadget stores) so it’s a risk that you can take if you want to save on cash.

However, even with the risk, more and more people are selling online and Ayos Dito provide them a venue to do that (aside from selling in multiply). For example, I’m looking for Samsung Galaxy S II and found this seller that sells it for PHP25k only which is the cheapest I have found so far on S II prices.

So that’s for my short opinion on buying online but the more important thing would be to join Ayos Dito Connect & Win Promo as you might be the next winner of a brand new Iphone 4, Ipad 2 or the 1 million grand prize.

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  1. ang dami nyo na nagpopost tungkol dyan. XD makasali na nga din. heheh

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