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Bacarra Spa: Oriental Massage with Body Scrub

Bacarra Spa: Oriental Massage with Body Scrub

bacarra spa

Thanks to Cleverbuy; we were able to try out this deal.

Today’s Deal: 70% OFF! Pay only P 168 instead of P 560 on a relaxing ORIENTAL MASSAGE with BODY SCRUB at Bacarra Spa!

It has been a while since my last massage and my body was aching for one. Also, since we bought a lot of vouchers (impulsive buying), we didn’t realize that some were expiring already like this voucher from Cleverbuy. So we planned and scheduled for it for yesterday.

We called for a reservation a few days before but to our surprise, it wasn’t properly registered (wrong time, no name). I’m glad they didn’t push us back else we would be mad because it was a long drive to Sucat (their Makati branch is under renovation).

Bacarra Spa had a nice ambiance to it. After you pass the reception area, you would go through a maze like pathway to your rooms. Inside the room, we were surrounded by tiles that would make you think, are we in a restroom? However, the tiles had a nice design and their lighting added more to the spa ambiance. It used to be a steam room before (ahh the tiles).

It was the first time to avail of a body scrub and it felt ticklish and weird. It is like someone is rubbing sandpaper on your body. Only my face and my private parts were spared from this exfoliating scrub. It gave me a squeaky clean feeling. After that, we were told to take a shower to rinse off the body scrub grains and the exfoliated “stuffs” from our body because after that, the oriental massage will start.

It was also my first time for an oriental massage. From what I felt, it was a combination of Swedish, stretching (like Thai) and a lot of slaps to your body. It was relaxing and as usual, I would squirm at the ticklish pain when the massage was being done on my legs. I liked best the massage on the back because I could feel that in a way, she was removing the “lamig” on my back which was something I don’t really expect on massage except if it was a hilot massage. The only downside was the duration of the massage (around 20 minutes only or so).

The whole procedure took around one hour for the body scrub, the shower and the massage. It was a great experience!

Thanks Buyanihan and Bacarra Spa!

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Bacarra Spa
8147 Dr. A Santos Ave. San Dionisio, Paranaque City

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