Back up wordpress using a plug-in

Today, I’m going to be discussing on how to back up your wordpress blog with the use of a plug-in.


This guide will do a back up of your wordpress database for you. This is similar to doing a database back up in cpanel but I think this is better. You would ask, why is it better? Well, hopefully after reading this guide you will know if why this is better. This is just an alternative. If you like to do a backup using cpanel, then you can do that too. =)

Now for the guide, this will be divided into two sections.

  1. Manual wordpress database back ups
  2. Automatic wordpress database back ups

Before starting with this guide, I hope that you have activated the wordpress back up plug-in in your wordpress. Basically you just have to put the plug-ins into your wp-content/plugins/ folder and activate it in your wordpress database.

Let us start at the wordpress dashboard. Go to Manage -> Back up (Back up won’t show if you have not activated the plug-in)

Manual WordPress Database Back ups

Step 1: Choose the wordpress database tables you want to back up

Actually you don’t have to choose the “database tables” wordpress uses since it’s included in the back up by default. You can only select the “database tables” used by plug-ins. Since plug-ins uses different tables, it is up to the user which does he want to back up.

Here is an example of the “database tables” used by my plug-ins. This is for the FeedFooter and In Series Plug-ins.

Step 2 : Choose what will you do with your back up file

Among the three options here, I don’t recommend that you use “Save to server” for security reasons. Someone might go into your site and download your back ups. Remember that those back ups contains your username and password.

If you choose “Download to your computer”, then you will be shown a download screen. If “Email backup”, then in a few minutes you will receive a new friend request in friendster mail with your back up as an attachment.

Automatic WordPress Database Back Ups

This is the thing I liked best about this plug-in. You can set it to send back ups to you in intervals. It can be hourly, daily or weekly.

This time, I’m going to let the pictures tell you the steps on how to do it. (I’m lazy to write in down =) )

After you do this, prepare to receive periodic emails with your wordpress database back ups. Easy right?

6 thoughts on “Back up wordpress using a plug-in

  1. This is what I’m looking FOR! I’m actually asking Shari, Jhed and Tess about the back-up thing, since you guys warned me na maraming nahahack na websites!

    🙂 I’ll do this thing once nakabalik akong Bulacan. Thanks for the big help, dudeee!!!

  2. I was impressed on how you wrote this series of blog posts on how to backup a blog. I was actually planning to write “how to”s in that way but I failed. That style of writing “how to”s was first used by Darren at the

  3. Nice. dami mo nang posts dyan sa series mo. Congrats!

    Sabi sayo pursue mo na yang technical blogging. Para side by side tayo. haha.

  4. @SELaplana – I like to write “how to’s” in such a way that it is very clear for the reader. Actually, I just described it the way I did it myself and screen shots helps a lot in guiding.

    @Karlo – haha technical blogging… I’ll try, since konti plg ung content ko, marami pa ako mapost na technical.. pero baka sa huli maubosan.. oh no! hehe

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