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I had written some guides on how to back up your blog. Most of them require you to do some work however if you feel very lazy, you can let a website do it for you. This is what I will be writing about now in this post.


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I just discovered BlogBackupOnline recently and I liked its simplicity. You just need to enter your blog address and it will do the back ups for you. Another good thing about it is that it can do full backups or daily backups. You can also use it to restore your blogs in case of accidents that may happen on your blog.
In this guide, I will be using my own blog as an example. If you want to read their documentation, you can read it here.

The first thing you should do is make an account at BlogBackupOnline. After making your account, you are now ready to do the back up.

Making the Back Up

Step 1: Register your blog

You will be directed to this page. Just enter your blog details.

It will detect your blogger platform and also will take note of the location of your blogfeed.

Step 2 : Click on “Start Full Backup”

You can also choose to include your media files such as pictures.

That’s it! You are done! Usually, you need to do the “full backup” once. BlogBackupOnline will then automatically back up your blog daily!

If you don’t understand my instructions, you can read the BlogBackUpOnline Documentation instead. =)

This ends my “back up your blog” series. I hope you enjoyed and learned something from all these entries. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Back up your blog by using BlogBackupOnline

  1. this is what i need. i don’t like the traditional backup method of blogger which is tedious. does it do comment backup? thanks for this info. happy blogging!

    1. Ah yes, comments are included but they state that they (BlogbackupOnline documentation) can’t restore comments properly so they just append the comments after the post. ^_^

      Thanks too. hehe

  2. I just started using this and it seems to be working so far. Although I haven’t (luckily) had any problems with my blog where I had to test it. Anyone else had any experience actually using it yet?

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