Back up your blog often

Whether you are on free hosting or on paid hosting, you should always back up your blog often. Accidents can happen; you might wake up one day and find your blog gone.

Why should I back up my blog?

  • You might be hacked!
    Getting hacked is when someone gets to access your site without your permission or illegally. Once inside your site, that person can do nasty things on your site. He can change your “manly” template into something gay. Or perhaps add new posts about your secrets that you don’t want the world to know. Or add links to sites you have not even heard of. Or just simply to delete your posts, and worse, your blog itself.
  • You might be doing some template changes and messed up your blog’s appearance!
    Although it is not recommended to edit your blog’s appearance online, some people do them (I do it when I’m lazy to edit it offline). What if you made some errors while you may be editing? Remember that there’s no undo when editing it live. The moment you clicked that button named “save”, any changes you have done are reflected on your blog.
  • You might delete your blog, by accident!
    This happened to Karlo @ PinoyBlogero. He accidentally deleted his own blog. But thanks to his back-ups, it was back only after a few minutes and all it cost him was the panic and feeling of having deleted your own blog.
  • You might delete your blog because you got dumped!
    You just got dumped by your loved one and you felt that you have lost the will to do anything. You don’t want to blog nor live anymore. You are now thinking, “I have lost my reason for breathing” and decided to end everything. Now you decide to delete your blog and delete end your life. As the knife closes upon your flesh, you cringe at the thought of blood oozing from your wrist and through divine intervention, a frying pan drops on your head and brings your senses back together. The song, “you’ve made me stronger” plays on your head and you feel that you have been reborn! You want to live! You want to blog! But as you rush to your computer, you realize that you have deleted your blog! Now what should you do? Should you try to kill yourself again or wish you had a backup? (err..I was caught in my storytelling ^_^)
  • You pissed off your hosting provider and they decided to delete your blog
    You have been with your web host for a while and was getting unhappy with their service. Although they are cheaper than the competition, they also offer extra services such as frequent downtime and server errors. You sent them numerous support tickets but they have gone unanswered. So in your rage, you write all the cuss words you know and direct it to them, then spread it on a lot of forums, blogs and just anywhere you spread your hate. As for their response to your actions, they delete your blog!
  • You want to change web host and want to bring your blog with you
    You realize that your web host won’t listen to you even if you sent them a hundred support tickets so you decide to just change your web host. However, you don’t want to repeat everything from scratch don’t you? So the easiest thing to do is to get your files from your old web host (before they delete it after pissing them off) and transfer it to your new web host. After you had made sure that you have you have blog secured, you can continue spreading your hate to them on your new host and feel safe because they can’t delete your blog.

15 thoughts on “Back up your blog often

  1. Thank you for making me look pathetic. Hahaha. Accidentally deleting your own blog! Haha. How stupid can you get. It’s a good thing there’s a backup file laying around the corner.

    Nice post! Keep it up! Happy Blogging!

  2. I almost learned this the hard way. My host got hacked a week ago and my blog was down for like two days. I’m so worried na baka mabura lahat ng files ko, because I don’t really know how to back up my files. Thank God our host backs up all of our files, so I was able to retrieve all of my archives.

    Now, I’m using a plugin that backs up all of my files. I just don’t know if it works though. Haha!

  3. that’s why we must do backups. kaso nga lng, i have this difficulty creating backups for my blogspot blog. it’s very tricky… there’s no export utility built into it. but i did my template backup, sayang din ang hirap ko if ever ma-delete or ma-hack un.

    another thing, secure your email password. practice renewal of passwords every month (kaso tamad ako magpalit). it’s a one-way passport to all your accounts (blogs, friendster, mybloglog, online banks, etc.)

  4. that has happened to me.. editing the theme online without backup… the layout was a mess..

    good thing it’s just the theme.. it could have been worst.

  5. Very helpful tong post na to. Kelangan talaga na may back up.

    Btw, Allen, thanks for visiting my blog. At nagcomment ka agad. It’s really an honor for me.

    I treasured my blogmates very much. They are the one who inspired me. Kung magaling yung mga blogmates mo, u strive too. Ganun ako. Tapos, nakakainspire yung mga posts nila.

    Kahit sa maliit na bagay ko lang maipadama sa kanila na i appreciate them, siguro nakakataba rin yun ng puso at lalo pa nilang gagalingan ang ginagawa nila.

    Tulad mo, worth din ang blog mo. Pareho kayo ng blog ni Karlo. Galing sa pagdiscuss bout sa blog. Gusto ko ngang itanong kung friend mo siya and my question was answered ng mabasa ko ang name niya sa post na to.

    Thanks ulit!

    1. hi there. no problem. I dont think I’m that big of a presence for you to be honored by a simple comment of mine.

      Believe it or not, I found your post about that list inspiring. You even wrote your blogroll on your notebook. Hmm come to think of it, that’s how you back up your blogroll! Tama! haha ^_^

      Hmm I’m not worthy to be compared to Karlo. He’s my mentor actually. He helped me start out and gave me a lot of tips. Online or offline, he’s a great friend. (Karlo wag lumaki ang ulo! wahaha)

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