Baha sa Makati or Makati Flood

Baha sa Makati | Makati Flood | Buendia Flood | Gil Puyat Flood | Baha sa Gil Puyat | Baha sa Buendia

Yesterday was really a new experience for me where I got stranded on my way to work. I was supposed to be at work at around 3-330pm but because of the flood, I arrived at work at around quarter to 10pm. Let me tell you about my experience…

Raining cats and dogs

I was still at home playing with my PSP (new game! Wild Arms XF) when the rain started pouring nonstop. I thought that it will stop soon so I continued playing but later, I realized that it won’t stop but I still have to go to Makati for work. So I started to prepare and the only rain protection I have is my jacket that is supposed to protect me from light rain but not heavy rains.

When I went out of the house door, I saw how heavy the rain was so I asked for aid in the office to bring me to the LRT station and I can manage from there. So they drove me to the LRT stations which is about 2 blocks away. The streets are already flooded so walking or riding via a motorcycle is a no-no. After arriving at the LRT station, I started my journey…

Buendia Gil Puyat Lrt Station

While in the LRT station, I was observing left and right for some pretty girls when I noticed that its not raining in Central Station up to Vito Cruz Station. I was already feeling relieved but when we arrived at Buendia station, everything was grey; there was a very heavy downpour and I was already thinking, how can my jacket protect me from this?

I started walking down the station and observed my surroundings. I noticed that traffic is getting heavy and there are a lot of people standing waiting for public transportation such as buses, jeepneys and fx. I walked slowly while trying to avoid the rain then I got stuck on a line of people. The pathway to the bus stops is an open area and it would be suicide to even try to run through it. However, its a good thing that the buses thought of the idea of coming near to us instead of us coming to them. When I saw the bus coming up to us, I quickly rushed to getting on it and my bus trip started.

The alternative route and the bus that died trying

Everything was going well so far as I found a seat and quietly played my PSP. But then, instead of the usual bus route of buendia to ayala that buses usually take, our special bus used a different route; the route that FX drivers usually take. I was wondering why did the bus take that route because it is also flooded and there’s a traffic jam just like in Buendia.

Well, I texted my officemates that I will be late since I’m stuck in traffic so I continued playing my PSP. Then suddenly, the bus was shaking. I looked at what the bus was trying to do and I noticed that it is trying to get on something. It was having a hard time doing and it even died once trying. But the driver still kept pushing it, I was wondering was was the purpose of this decision. Then, suddenly, the bus made a quick jerk up and it managed to get on whatever it was trying to get on and then, it died again. At first, we thought that everything is going to be ok and we will have progress but after a few minutes of trying, the bus won’t start, it’s dead.

All of us went off the bus while the conductor was asking us for help to get the bus OFF (by pushing) on what it died trying to get on. I looked at where it tried to get on and it was the street gutter. I was like, WTF were they thinking on doing? Some tried to help but to no avail, well, a bus is a big and heavy object and I don’t think that around 8 people can push it off. So after a few minutes of scouting my surroundings again, I noticed the conductor refunding our fares so I got there last and got lots of 25 cents for my efforts. This starts my stranded era.

Journey back to Buendia

I was standing there and I was thinking, how do I get to the office now? This route is not a route where public transportation vehicles usually take so either I find a taxi willing to wade through the flood or I ride a side-car where I can jump from one small place to another. Well, at first I tried following the sidewalk but there was a flooded intersection so I can’t proceed further. So I took a quick turn and found some taxis just sitting there. I started asking them if they would allow a trip to Ayala but they refused. I asked them what if we take the EDSA-Ayala route and one of them accepted the offer.

Well, the taxi tried but couldn’t even make it out of Makati so I asked that I be delivered to Buendia instead and still, the taxi couldn’t make it so I got off at around 3 blocks from Buendia. I started walking and got stuck again because of the flood. I was near the Filmore-Buendia intersection (where there’s a LPG gas station).

I realized I have better changes if I was at the gas station because I could see some buses passing by so I asked for a side-car to carry me to that place. If you look at the distance, it was so near that it’s like crossing the street but due to the flood it looks far. After a minute or two, I got off the side-car and got stranded again in the gas station.

Let’s play the “avoid the waves” game

Let me sidetrack for a bit and tell you about this game. The situation is that, the streets are flooded and you are standing on a spot where the flood couldn’t reach. However, from time to time, there would be wave-makers in the form of any motor vehicle in different sizes that would pass by the flood and creates waves. The objective is to avoid the waves by either going somewhere higher or perhaps suspending yourself in mid-air by doing a standing push-up (good exercise btw). If you get hit by the wave, you shout and laugh and try again. There is no time limit or a game over.

Just a word of caution against ultra big vehicles who doesn’t give a monkey’s ass on the waves they produce. Mind you, they really produce big waves so you really have to do your best to avoid them. You should try this game when you are stranded. It’s fun and you can waste a lot of time doing this.

Getting high on LPG gas fumes

Well, I did play the “avoid the waves” game to pass the time. I could see some buses passing by but they won’t stop. They just create waves then go away. The buses were so near yet so far and I’m feeling a bit helpless. Oh well, good thing there were a lot of people playing the “avoid the waves” game with me so I didn’t feel alone. Also, there were a lot of cars, (mostly taxis), stopping by to refuel their LPG powered cars. Every time they finish refueling, some LPG fumes manages to leak out and you can smell it good.

Oh yeah, I also can see people trying to walk through the flood to get to where they want to go. I don’t know if you would agree with me but for me, that is a bad choice. Why? [1] The water is polluted and it’s simply inviting diseases to your body. [2] If you managed to get off the flood, where will you go? The whole strip of Buendia is flooded. [3] A lot of wave-makers are passing by who doesn’t give a damn if the waves they create give you an instant bath. [4] I don’t want to get wet. Well, there were still a lot of people doing that and a lot of wave-makers were already there so you can just hear them screaming everytime a big wave passes by.

I didn’t realize that a lot of time has already passed by. When I first stepped on the gas station, everything was still bright but after a few games of “avoid the waves”, everything was getting dark and I was getting desperate. I was thinking that I have to reach the office no matter what so I once again scouted my surroundings. The flood was starting to lower down because when at first, it was at the knees of the pedestrians but by now, it looks like it has gone down by about 3-4 inches (my estimate). So perhaps this time, I could ask some taxi drivers to bring me to the office because earlier, they really accept rides to Ayala. Well, I went to one near the exit and I’m so glad that he accepted my offer.

Freedom to Ayala

There I was, in the taxi, taking the EDSA-AYALA route. We passed through Osmena highway then to Magallanes going to Ayala. In Osmena, you can see the super long traffic jam where trucks, buses and private vehicles were stuck. I was so glad I was on the other side of the road. When we reached Magallanes, we were stuck on the traffic jam again but it was just a short wait (around 20 minutes I guess) so it was bearable but after that, it was a fast trip to Ayala and to Robinson’s summit. I have finally arrived in the office after 7 hours of travel time.

Well, that’s the end of my story. ^_^

Baha sa Makati | Makati Flood | Buendia Flood | Gil Puyat Flood | Baha sa Gil Puyat | Baha sa Buendia

14 thoughts on “Baha sa Makati or Makati Flood

  1. hmm.. I guess a lot of people got stuck yesterday.
    I almost did too. Luckily, I chose to walk from Ayala to Ayala MRT station and grab a bus to baclaran and work my way from there. Crowded but it saved me the horror of getting stuck.

  2. haha, wla na tayung mgagawa diyan sa baha n yan. mas lalo pang tataaas yan kc malaking piraso ng ice sa canada nabitak na. tataaas nanaman ang water level sa mundo niyan. may total solar eclipse nga pla ngaun august 1 2008 friday, hindi siya kita sa pinsa pero may live webcast link ako sa blog ko.

    Jan Alvins last blog post..Watch The August 1 2008 Total Solar Eclipse Here

  3. I remembered having to go to Greenbelt that day for a dinner meeting. I also got on a bus to Ayala and thankfully our packed bus managed to pull through the flooded area of Buendia you were referring to.

    I felt both pity for the commuters and stranded people outside (you may have been one of them but I didn’t see you) and gratitude that our bus didn’t end up like yours. Thank God!

  4. @sylverblade – I agree. A lot of people were there, some even chose to walk in the flood. Well, I was one of the patient ones staying dry on the gas station . hehe

  5. @Jan Alvin – I think we can still do something about it. We can stop clogging our sewers with trash. That is one of the major causes of flood but people never learn.

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