Orange Triad

Best Multivitamin for Men v2

Best Multivitamin for Men v2


This would be the update on my old post –> that I posted in 2010.

Previously, I based my choices based on prices but recently, I learned that cheapest != best. Sometimes you need to pay more to get quality. I have moved on from using Centrum, One a Day and Daily Multi. This is why I am writing this version two of my previous post so I can share my experiences.

Most of the learning came from this forum thread –> and based from reading the thread; I decided to get the following multivitamins in the order of availability.

  1. Controlled Labs – Orange Triad
  2. Source Naturals – Life Force
  3. Now – ADAM

Orange Triad

Controlled Labs – Orange Triad (PHP 1600 from Core Nutrition / MuscleShack)

  •  6 capsules daily
  • Helps Digestion and has joint support

These tablets are HUGE so prepare your swallowing skills. Also, they have removed the dye in their tablets so the new batches now have a white color from the previous orange color.

Source Naturals Life Force

Source Naturals – Life Force (PHP 1600 from Core Nutrition)

  • 4 – 8 capsules a day
  • has iron and iron free version
  • capsules are stinky! You have been warned!

I browsed around the web for online sellers selling the following supplements and I only found Life Force that’s being sold so I went with it. Currently taking the recommended dosage of 4 capsules daily. So far, no problems from me except for the awful smell of the capsules. I thought my batch was contaminated but upon checking the forums, it does has this bad smell.

Now Adam

Now – Adam

  • 2 capsules a day


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PS: will also check the prices and availability at Cash and Carry for these vitamins.


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