Big Problem: I dropped my laptop and it wont work anymore

What do you do if you accidentally knocked your laptop off a chair and it fails into the ground with a thud?

I was calmly looking at it. Seconds later, I exclaimed, “OHMAYGAWD!!!” and checked what happened to it.

But first, let me tell you the events prior to it…

The laptop is resting nicely on a monoblock chair when I stood up and looked around my room. I realized that my cousin will be going back today so I should not put my stuffs on his bed anymore. The only thing I put there was a laptop box (new one & not mine) and a laptop back with a new laptop inside (not mine). So I decided to transfer it near my bed.

I started to carry it with me and I was near the chair where my laptop is resting. I tried to squeeze the box I was carrying between the chair and the computer table when the box slapped the chair, thus the laptop was shaken from its slumber and it fell butt first into the floor. THUD!

I stood frozen and carefully placed the laptop bag and the laptop box on my bed and went to check up on the poor laptop. The laptop had its mouth wide open (cd/dvd tray open in an awkward way) and it’s still powered on however, there was nothing on the screen anymore.

So what’s the condition of the laptop?

Well, I can still turn it on and the lights will go on. That’s all. No displays, no fan revolution, no hard disk sounds, no bios screen, no nothing just lights.

To make things worse, here are the stuffs that the laptop had exclusive access only (files I don’t have anywhere else, in other words, no back up):

  • My thesis documents and PDF sources
  • My resume
  • My school documents
  • My mp3s (I just downloaded a couple of songs today gadamet)
  • My pictures… the memories…

Not only that, the warranty has expired months ago so if ever I want to get this repaired, I need to shell out cash.

Even if the laptop would die, I just want my hard disk back… *sobs* …*sobs more* … *sobs… sniff… *

9 thoughts on “Big Problem: I dropped my laptop and it wont work anymore

  1. woooh. same thing happened to my Mobile Hard Disk. All of my files were gone. They hdd was beyond repair i guess. That was last May. And last July, I broke slash accidentally dropped a 160GB Western Digital Mobile HDD. It was not mine. It was my friend’s. I hate falling techy object. Thank God my laptop is still in it’s working state, so with my phone and iPod.

  2. from a troubleshooter’s point of view…

    if it fell butt first…

    1. the graphics card inside must have cracked/slipped out of place.
    2. the power supply must’ve shaken/loosened, dropping power to the board, leaving only the LED lights sufficiently powered.
    3. connections (flat cables) must’ve slipped too. (though highly unlikely).
    4. RAM must’ve misaligned. (since there aint no video, and hdd activity, this must be the most probable answer)
    5. RAM must’ve cracked. (worse case scenario of no.4)
    6. Motherboard must’ve cracked. (worst case scenario.)

    Solution 1:
    In Shopwise cubao, there’s a laptop repair shop. service costs 1,000 pesos. In Iloilo, it costs 2,000. I dont recommend however trusting them with your laptop by leaving it with them. They might snitch a screw, a ram card, etc. Watch them fix it even if it takes you hours.

    Solution 2:
    Get a hdd external enclosure, copy your files from your laptop’s hdd using it and burn them to a DVD/CD (dont use Vista). Then sell the broken laptop to a gullible stranger, and buy a new one. 😀

    Solution 3:
    Pray for a miracle. If granted, tell the almighty that your referrer is Wely.

  3. i remember when i broke my friend’s laptop. I never intended to and I was watching DVD’s using it. The next time I turned it on, no power whatsoever. My friend brought it to a laptop repair shop and found out that the DVD player was the fault. Don’t have any idea why.

    Follow Wely’s recommendations and hope that you could salvage all the precious data on your HD.

    ***Wag mo ako sisihin kng nagpahiwatig ako nung una. :p

  4. No displays, no fan revolution, no hard disk sounds, no bios screen, no nothing just lights.

    So did you dissect it yet? The power to these components may have been jammed. If your laptop uses an LCD screen, pray hard that it hasn’t cracked; it’s one of the most expensive laptop components. (I’m talking from experience myself.)

    Anyway, try removing your hard disk from the laptop and insert it into a USB casing. Then, try connecting it to a different computer to see if the data inside is intact.

    By the way, is that an assembled laptop or a branded one, like Dell, HP, etc.? You’re better off having it repaired if it’s of the latter type ONCE you checked everything (including dissecting the thing) yourself.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the advices… umm I tried to dissect it yesterday but all i have is this rusty little screwdriver that is not able to remove all the screws…
    So now, I plan to bring this to a service center.. My laptop brand is Acer… -_- poor laptop… I’m willing to pay for repairs as long as it does not go near the prize of a new laptop haha

    Hmm @keith, LCD is not broken. ^_^

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