HostGator Support on Blog Downtime

HostGator Support on Blog Downtime

Earlier this morning, my blog had a short downtime of approximately 45 minutes. I was getting the 500 Internal Server error and I was wondering what happened to my blog.

I immediately checked in my CPANEL to see if somethings got changed and checked the error logs to know more about the error.

The error was

error: file has no execute permission: (/)

I was wondering why I got this error so I checked my file permissions. Nothing seems to have been changed. So I decided to ask help from my host, HostGator.

Since I wanted immediate support, I used HostGator Live Chat and after a few seconds, I was chatting with a hostgator agent. I told him about my problem where I could not access my site and after a few minutes, he returned telling me that the server where my blog is hosted is currently having an upgrade to its software. That would explain why my blog is down and a big sigh of relief on my part. Then I asked him when will it be back again and he said after a few minutes or so which is quite true. So after that, I thanked him and waited for my blog to be back online.

I’m really happy with HostGator Support especially with their live chat feature. They are really helpful with your problems and they won’t try to put the blame on you unlike other helplines I’ve tried. This is coming from one satisfied customer.

Hostgator Support – Hostgator has a very reliable support system where you can chat with an agent and he won’t stop till the problem is solved.

5 thoughts on “HostGator Support on Blog Downtime

  1. Hostgator support has always been fantastic. That’s the reason I have stuck with them for 2 years now.

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  2. Ling, you are definitely right. I just had a really difficult time bringing my blog back online. Although I had the backup, I still made some really messy things which made it difficult. (ie. so many plugins)

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  3. @Ling – I do have scheduled backups of my database everyday. However, I just realized I don’t have a back-up of my website theme and plug-ins. I’ll be doing it now. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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