Blog Goal : To Regain Google Traffic and SERPS back

You must be tired hearing my cry out about my Google Traffic and Search Engine Ranking Position woes but as long they have not returned to my blog, prepare to read more of my rants about it. In a nutshell, in this post, I’d be outlining my new and emergency blog goal which is to regain Google Traffic and SERPS back.

What are the reasons for the Google drop?

Well, there had been a lot of speculations on my traffic drop and I believe, these are the most obvious reasons.

  1. Selling Paid Links – Well, I’m really guilty of selling paid links because I have joined peyd phosting websites such as toooot and toooot and toooot. But yeah, I need to stop this, permanently!
  2. Lots of Off topic posts in this blog – Hmm aside from peyd phosts topics that are clearly out of topic from this blog’s focus (what do you think is this blog’s focus anyway? :P), well, I usually write some posts that are clearly out of the topic in an attempt to gain search engine traffic.
  3. Linking to bad neighborhoods – This is something new that I just recently discovered while doing some research. If you link to bad neighborhoods, you can loss traffic. Basically, don’t link to crap sites, or sites with gambling, casino, drugs and other prohibited stuffs.
  4. Google just plainly hates me! – I hate you too for dropping me! Darn you 🙂

So how can we remedy this?

I have identified four possible reasons and I believe that if I don’t do something to remedy them, I’ll end up ignored by Google forever which is very bad for my blog’s long term survival. So let us give some solutions to this problem.

  1. Selling Paid Links – I should ban myself from going to peyd phosting sites. I should simply rely on earning not per post but through natural search engine traffic. So, this time, I have to say goodbye to all of you toooots! Hopefully, I will not return but I must do it.
  2. Lots of Off topic posts in this blog – One solution I have thought of is to delete those posts. Those posts have already been paid right and they have served their purpose so it’s time to delete them. I have read in the ToS of peyd phosting companies that you will get banned or get your account deleted if you that, but I want to stop doing it so even if they do that, it’s ok for me. However, one thing that bothers me, would Google Punish me more if I delete those posts since they would result in 404 errors?
  3. Linking to bad neighborhoods – Simple solution: remove the links! However, which link? That is the problem. 🙁
  4. Google just plainly hates me! – Give some love to Google. Use google search daily, check google mail daily, read google reader daily, add google to every sentence.

Given this goal, let me set a time duration for this goal.

I am giving myself up to the end of the year to regain my traffic and increase it consistently! I know that this time frame is long but I need time to gain back the trust of the Google Search Engine and write more posts that are relevant to this blog. I can’t simply just mass post like hell but I have to do it slowly. But basically, its removing the ban on the search engine rankings first. I wish Matt Cults can simply say what do I have to do because I’ll follow him around like a dog if he tells me what to do.

So that’s basically it, wish me luck and I hope nobody follows what I have done. LoL

37 thoughts on “Blog Goal : To Regain Google Traffic and SERPS back

  1. Another thoughts.. I just seen that you are allowing Pingback from crop sites.. So if you allow them you are already making links to them right?

    So if i were you if the site looks crappy or just RSS scraper delete them..

    Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..techsatish | A New Keyword Found

  2. Sometimes it helps to place AdSense advertisements on your page and also I strongly recommend you using social bookmarking sites to promote your website. Perhaps it will help at least a little.

  3. Well it’s going to be a bit of a tough road ahead until the end of the year, but I’d like to hear from any improvement in your google SERP returns in the near future. After all, I would want to learn from your experiences.

    “Linking to bad neighborhoods – Simple solution: remove the links! However, which link? That is the problem.”
    I wonder if the pingbacks and trackbacks contribute to the bad links, though of course it would take a considerable effort to sift through those links.

    Good luck!

    keithmaxxs last blog post..Keithmaxx Reviews: Recap 2

  4. @Dexter – I’ll be starting my clean-up this September and start deleting all those paid posts. It would result to a lot of 404 errors (lol I’ve written a lot) but they would disappear from my site map so perhaps on the next Google Crawl, they will be gone.

    Btw, on the trackbacks and pingbacks, yes, I do get spammy stuffs like that often. However, I delete them when I see them. Sometimes not that often because I’m not checking my blog a lot lately. hehe

  5. @Jeff – Hi Jeff, I have adsense on this blog so I guess that’s ok right? 🙂 Hmm I’ve not really a fan of submitting to bookmarking sites because I’m lazy sometimes but I know it’s a good way to bring traffic. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  6. @Semidoppel – Hello there, I’m glad you learned something from this blog post. Sure for the link exchange, please state the anchor text you want and the link. Please link to me too.

    Btw, I’ve checked out your blog. It seems that you promote the seo projects of Jehz. Ohohoho magkano bayad sau ni Jehz. bwhaha peace.

  7. @KeithMaxx – Yeah it is going to be tough but I would like to resolve it by then. This is a critical situation! LoL, my blog earnings have dropped and it’s crying. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll be posting my experiences here as I have progress.

    Just a note, pingbacks and trackbacks from crap sites are links. It’s ok if they are linking to you, but make sure you are not linking to them. 😀

  8. @Jehz – Hi Jehz, my guess is that, you are gaining traffic from other blogs. RIght? You write SEO posts on one blog, then you would link it to your main blog. 🙂

  9. well fixing 404’s is easy..
    when you’ve done away with the paid posts.
    delete your site from your Google webmasters tool account then re-add it.

    I’ve done it about 3 times over the life time of my blog when I was changing niches. Eliminates the 404 although if your site remains in the google cache it may take a few days..
    but then again you can make those 404 pages useful…

    just make a sort of archive page that will display your best posts on your 404 page or a google search page

  10. hi.
    am back again..

    i was punished by google- sort of sandbox because of the duplicate meta tags in my template. I was dropped from the SERP, as in completely talaga, even if I type “inday’s stories” wala blog ko..
    As a newbie i was not sure about what happened and how to remedy the duplicate meta tags. basically i changed template and then contacted google about the problem. I explained to them what happened.

    just yesterday i noticed my blog appearing again. for the main title my blog appears first on google.. slowly i also see my other pages indexed again..i hope this is for real..

    so, am trying to say, is that have you tried filing a re-inclusion request to google? It might work..

    take care..


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  11. –Not an expert–
    I believe the best way to regain traffic from Search Engines is to be diligent in getting quality links. Contextual Link Exchanges (not blogrolls or link pages), Do-Follow forums & blogs, .edu and .gov sites (good luck), and make sure you spend your time communicating with everyone. You never know who can offer you a one-way link from a PR6 or PR7 site.

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  12. @Ling – Yes, I will. I’ll do my best to write good content so I’ll be sacrificing my post frequency for that. However, it depends on what your goal is write? To earn money or to gain authority in your niche.

  13. @Inday – Hey, thanks for sharing. umm how did you know that was the reason for Google dropping you from the serps? Also, how long did it take from you filing a Google reinclusion then to the traffic returning? I’m planning to file another one again next week once I’ve sorted the problems of my blog. It will be the 4th time I”ll be filing a reinclusion request.

  14. I say that we start a petition to get Google back on our I have also been working on my blog to get it back in Google’s good graces but like all bloggers I too am struggling.

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  15. Perhaps I am just a common plebian, but on a good tip your Alexa impresses me. But then of course, I was happy to get under a million so I am hardly some guru here.

  16. Right now, I’m still doing some paid posting because my blog is just new and can’t just get in the top listing of google.

    Good on regaining your Google traffic!

    Paul Us last blog post..Update on my health and jobs

  17. I was penalized for excessive reciprocal linking last year for 60 days. It sucks. I was on the first page for a ton of relevant search phrases. It is amazing how much traffic Google generates. I have had my nose clean ever since.

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