Blog Layout Bugs

It seems that my blog has a lot of errors when viewed in Internet Explorer. I did not know about this because I am always using firefox.

Thanks to the following people who have informed me of the bugs:

  1. Karlo – for the double check-box in subscribe to comments when using IE. I thought he was just hungry since the bug does not show in Firefox. Status : Not Fixed
  2. Fionixe – for pointing out that the text area in the comments section does not align correctly. Status : Fixed
  3. Fionixe – for pointing out something in the comment redirection. I am still trying to experience this. Status: Not Fixed

Just a little game

Try to find something weird in this screenshot. I was surprised when I saw it earlier. You have to click it to maximize it. It’s not the “What’s this?” text. The bugs mentioned above are excluded.

Since this is a serious problem for the appearance of the blog, some scheduled posts will be moved on to a later date =( .

Original logs of the problem reports below:

  1. Karlo’s Chat Log (7/17/2007 7:29:55 PM): syangapala, dalawa ang iyong subscribe to comments na checkbox
  2. Fionixe’s Comment – *bossing, sa IE nakahiwalay pala yung box na itu ^_^ :mrgreen:
  3. fionixe: nga pala eto yung lumalabas: “Thank you. Your comment has been approved” tapos di na bumabalik sa post mo. ^_^

Fixes done:

  1. None yet
  2. Modified <div style="width:100%;"> to <div> in line 191 file comments.php
  3. None yet

I am trying to fix these bugs. If you find anymore bugs, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Thank you very much!

3 thoughts on “Blog Layout Bugs

  1. wah~ sori ha, kung mejo nangungulit ako tungkol sa mga bugs dito.. may mga bugs din kasi yung site ko eh. ^_^’

  2. wah~ sori ha, kung mejo nangungulit ako tungkol sa mga bugs dito.. may mga bugs din kasi yung site ko eh. ^_^’ Dito ko hinahanapan ng solusyon ^^

    para dun sa redirect, pag nag add ng comment dito, after nun magkakaron ng capcha, paglagay mo ng capcha eto na “Thank you. Your comment will be displayed as soon as it is approved by a moderator.” or something like that.. tapos stunned na dun. unless i click the BACK button, i can’t go back to the post. happens on firefox, not sure if it happens on IE too.

  3. I am still not sure where that occurs but I have turned off the Capcha thingy. Please inform me if you still encounter that bug. ^_^

    btw, what are the bugs on your site?perhaps I can help. haha

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