Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 has been released last December 11, 2008 but I have just managed to upgrade mine today.


That was the first thing I said when the upgrade finished. The interface has been revamp and it looks “cooler” or something. Although I am still getting used to how to move around the new interface, I think it is easy enough since it has been labelled correctly. I like it!

Another thing that I like on the new interface is that the menu options, (that was in the top portion before) has been moved to the right. Now it simply looks like the sidebar of a blog. Another good job!

Upgrading to wordpress 2.7 is easy. Just use the instant upgrade plug-in and in a matter of seconds, you are done! If you need help using it, just leave a message but I’m sure you will manage… now I shall go back into tinkering with wordpress 2.7 and see what are the other new features. I’m impressed! ^_^

5 thoughts on “Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

  1. Allen, you seem to spend more time upgrading wordpress than you spend on writing posts. 🙂 Not complaining, just wondering if you shouldn’t be working in tech support, or something like that.

  2. I haven’t upgraded WordPress yet but I have a fresh install of 2.7 on my dev environment so a new site I am launching mid January. I’m not wild about the interface. I wish they’d stop doing such major redesigns.

    The interface is lovely but why a left side nav instead of drop downs on the top so we have more horizontal space to do the important things, like blog.

    The threaded comments are nice but sometimes I worry about how many more bells and whistles they are going to add to that interface that will slow down my blogging.

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