blog was down november 24-25

Silkenhut’s World was down for nearly 2 days. Just when I have released my new theme for the blog, I can’t connect to it. What nice timing… -_- anyways, thanks to everyone and your comments. I’ll get back to them tomorrow. For now, I’m glad that the blog is back online.

I’m not sure if it was on my end (dns problems on my ISP) or a problem with my host. To those who have accessed my blog on November 24 evening up and the whole day of November 25, please tell me. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “blog was down november 24-25

  1. I found your blog via technorati reactions to my blog…and it seems your blog post: is deleted? Is this due to your blog being down?

  2. I’m not sure what happened but two of my posts today disappeared. They were here a few hours ago.. this is very weird… -_-

  3. I can’t access your blog within those times. ;D Most probably, it’s a problem with your host.

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