Blogger – Blogspot Change in comments

Blogger New CommentsTo owner of blogspot blogs and those who have been commenting on blogspot blogs, have you noticed a difference?

If your answer is no, please observe the picture to the left. There is something that used to be there but is gone now.

If your answer is yes, I do hope that we have the same observations.

Basically, the difference is that, blogger (blogspot) removed a text field where we can right our links in the second option. It used to be “Other” with two text boxes where we can write our name and link. But right now, we can only write our nickname.

I’m curious on this new change so I would like to ask a few questions: (Please answer haha)

  • Is this a temporary feature of blogger? or is this permanent?
  • Since there will be no backlink anymore when commenting on blogspot blogs, will you still comment on them?
  • For blogspot bloggers, how has this new change affected your blog? Did you suffer a loss of comments?
  • Why was there no notification of this new change? Were you aware of this change?

15 thoughts on “Blogger – Blogspot Change in comments

  1. Yeah, i noticed this also. I don’t know why Blogger took them out, but I really think that they should return it soon. Commenting on blogspot was already a hassle even before the change!

    Maybe they just plainly hate non-blogspot users?

    1. I guess nothing has changed much except that we can’t have backlinks anymore. The comment management on blogspot really needs a big modification. It’s hard to manage and very easy to spam.

  2. @Benj – I usually use my name and a link to my blog but now it’s gone.

    @yatot – Haha yupyup but don’t worry. I will still visit your blog even without that. (Just mention me in every post haha joke 😛 )

  3. yea i noticed it today too and i find it quite lame. Im willing to bet less and less people will be commenting on this new format of blogspot.

  4. @allen: hahhahhhaa… pero pwede naman nating maiwasan iyan eh… iisponsoran mo ako ng website, that would mean na buy me a domain, hahahhaha…. and i will setup a website on wordpress!!! is that easy!!! 😛 hahahhaa

  5. @redlan – It depends on the attitude of the one who is commenting. If he just wants a backlink, then you will lose a commentator. But if he wants to comments regardless of the link, then no problem. ^_^

    @TruckDrivingJobMan – It depends on the blogger’s intention on commenting. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    @fionixe – I don’t know if they would return it. In the first place, there wasn’t even a notice.

    @yatot – Shame on you! haha 😛

  6. like yatot said, there’s no “you comment i follow”. but i do hope they revert back to the old or add the link box in the new blogger commenting system. i didn’t notice any changes on my blog’s comments. most comments on my blog come from blogspot users. maybe blogspot is conducting experiments again.

  7. It’s probably a good thing, and permanent, I think. When someone posts on my blog, I look at the comment, not the url. If the comment is sensible and on topic, the rest hardly matters. If the commenter posts something like ‘good post’ or ‘I think so too’, then I delete it even if there’s no url.

  8. I noticed this at once and I don’t know why they did it. though I use the blogger platform, I still used the ‘other’ option when commenting on other blogger users because I could backlink directly to my blog rather than to my profile.

    I noticed that I get fewer comments since this change. hope blogger reverses its move and goes back to the old system.

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