Blogging experiences with the Ragnarok Bot OpenKore

Today I’m going to discuss on how blogging about Ragnarok especially on the topic of botting increased my blog traffic. By the way, prepare for a long read for I plan to be as thorough as possible.

Last year, I’ve been thinking on how can I increase traffic into my blog. I’m sure you would suggest that I’ll do the following submit articles to directories, comment on other blogs, use social bookmarks, promote in forums, wear a t-shirt with your blog name on it and other increase your traffic tips. I did these although not that frequently and I realized that the increase is still not enough. Plus, doing all of these is really boring. I want blogging to be fun and having to do all of these reminds me of school or work. So I tried a different approach.

I actually tried experimenting on how can I increase traffic. Based from my experiences and statistics, blogging about current events brings temporary traffic. Blogging about pr0n will bring you lots of untargeted traffic thus will only increase your bounce rate. These perverts just visit your blog, get disappointed and press the back button of their browser.

It just so happened that my couzin told me about a Ragnarok bot. I never played Ragnarok when it became pay to play so I decided to try it since it’s now free. I was interested on how to configure a Ragnarok bot so I did a search on Google. There I found lots of information related to ragnarok botting. I learned that the term Ragnarok bot refers to OpenKore, an opensource bot for ragnarok. Actually, people are using a lot of names which all points to OpenKore such as valkyrie bot, valhalla bot, and poseidon bot.

I was reading and trying what I’ve read. First I downloaded from the links in forums. I just clicked on links such as these

then I followed their instructions. After following their instructions on how to install openkore bot, I still got errors. Here are the sample errors I got. (Btw, here are the solutions to openkore’s unknown packets or unknown error code)

Thinking that their instructions were played, I deleted what I downloaded from the forums and decided to start from scratch. To start from scratch means I have to download openkore or the valkyrie bot or valhalla bot or anything you want to call it from the official website. After that, I have a clean copy of Ragnarok Online Valkyrie and OpenKore. So I proceeded reading the manuals to know the Ragnarok bot configuration. I made several trial and errors just to complete my Ragnarok bot config. Actually, just to clear the confusion, the initial configuration of openkore is the same. There’s no difference between a ragnarok valkyrie bot config or a ragnarok valhalla bot config. They are just different servers but with the same openkore bot config.

Just an added precaution, you should not pay for openkore which is a free ragnarok bot. Do not fall victim to scammers and those who want to exploit you by letting you pay for something supposed to be free.

There I was, having configured my bot, I decided that I should share this information online so that people won’t have a hard time starting their own bot. I retraced my steps, took some screenshots, wrote notes and after all of that, I published my guide to ragnarok bot installation. You can call this a very easy ragnarok bot tutorial as I tried my best to outline every step possible. I even upload my own version of runro.bat and ragexe.ep10.exe which I personally scanned and declared to be free of viruses. I also written other guides for this to answer the other questions however, I had a problem.

My problem was those who wants to bot are just too lazy to search or even just read the guide. They kept asking the same questions such as these,

which all have been answered by my guide. I used to reply to each of these queries but as time passed by, I grew tired and frustration having to type the same thing all over again. What I do now is to reply to fresh questions such the topic of gameguard 150 error described as gameguard not installed or cracked. Since this was the first time I heard of such an error, I did my research and after a few minutes, posted something that would aid those who have that problem. There was also an issue of avg anti virus detecting ragnarok as a virus called backdoor.ragnarok. At first I was shocked because the users might think that I’m spreading viruses through the file I uploaded. So once again, I made a simple google search and found out that backdoor.ragnarok is a false alarm from AVG. LevelUpGames even said so on their website so what I did was to publish an article saying that the virus is a false alarm to make my readers feel at ease.

So far this is what I can recall from my ragnarok blogging experience. If you have read up to here, I applaud you because I’m sure most of the readers would have stop reading a long time ago. Now there’s a reason why I made this very long and if you observe my post, I think you will be able to notice something. I’m sure you will be wondering what the hell am I taking about. On one perspective, it simply looks like a journal of my ragnarok botting.

Update: I removed the clue because it made it very obvious… hehe

Now you must be saying, OMG he is crazy! First he talks about his ragnarok life, now he says it’s SEO? Well, I challenge you, YES YOU!!!, as my dear readers to guess on what is the TRUE objective of this post. Yes, I did tell you a story about my blogging experience with the ragnarok bot but there is something else. I want you to find that out if you can! Let’s say I give you one week?

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  1. God articles,Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.Tanks

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  2. @Moneyblog – Thanks moneyblog! I sure hope I won’t be disappointing you. Usually I blog about wordpress, with a bit of blogging tips here and there plus some webtools you can use to help your blog mixed together with my writing style… haha 🙂

  3. hahahahhaha… i actually got this post! lalalalalalalalala… no clue from me whatsoever… but if you would like to have some clue… you can visit me in my blog and leave a message on the tagboard… I MIGHT give you some answers… bwahahhahaha

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  4. I think I KNOW why this post has been made by Allen. I was supposed to write an article similar to this, but now I have no intent of finishing it whatsoever because what I would be saying in my article has already been said here. >.<

    Anyway, since I think I know the answer, am I allowed to say it loud here? ^_^

  5. hey!..i really2x nid ur help…can sumbodii send me a bot configuration for all characters??..pls??..just send it 2 my e-mail…,^_^=

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