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  1. Hi Sir Allen,

    I’m new in world of blogging, can I ask to include me also in your blogroll and I already add you in my Link list also.

    Thanks in advance,
    Boy Banat

  2. Thanks a lot, but the there’s a problem on the URL LINK Sir Allen.

    it keeps forwarding to “”


  3. Hi there, Allen! It would be great to be included in this list as well. Would that be fine? I’ve added you in the Blog Roll, too, at my blog, “The Musings of a Hopeful Pecunious Wordsmith-SittieCates.” I know, I know. It’s kinda long. LoL! I couldn’t think of a shorter way to put it when I created my blog. LoL! Anyway, here’s hoping to get included here, too. Merry Christmas! Thanks, Allen. 🙂

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