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[Android | IOS] Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers Free Download

Blood Brothers Free Download

One of the games I’m currently addicting to playing would be Blood Brothers. It is an online game that’s has similarities with Yu-Gi-Oh! where you travel the world and battle other players with trading cards. Been playing this game for over a month (I recently got Fafnir as the 30 day login bonus) and with their frequent updates and events, I don’t think I’ll stop playing this game for a while.

You are a recently reincarnated vampire and your goal is to defeat the corrupt empire. In order to do this you need to travel, collect minions to fight for you and get stronger by consuming weaker minions (pacts).

Here are the Blood Brothers download links.

Platform Download Link


If you would be playing for android and installing this game, please use my Blood Brothers Invite code.


Once you input this, we will both gain a RARE familiar. Regardless of the code you use, you will get the same familiar.

In future posts, I’ll try to talk about the following topics to help in blood brothers:

  • Stats – What do they mean and how do they help?
  • Pacts
  • Positions
  • Skills
  • Evolution – How to get those PE (perfect Evolutions)
  • Events – PVP, Raid Boss, Special Dungeons

Note: I have stopped playing Blood Brothers because it was taking too much of my time and they have geared it that paying players will have a super huge advantage against non paying players. Also, the events were happening so fast that you would have no time to rest in between events.

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