Bravura Spa: Walking Ventosa Massage with Ear Candling

Bravura Spa: Walking Ventosa Massage with Ear Candling

Bravura Spa: Walking Ventosa Massage with Ear Candling

Thanks to Metrodeal; we were able to try out this deal.

P199 instead of P950 for a 60-Minute Walking Ventosa Massage & a 20-Minute Ear Candling Treatment at Bravura Spa

When we first started on the practice of group buying, we would buy any deal that sounds good regardless on where that place is. However, with the onslaught of new group buying websites and the hundreds of deals that followed, we started to be more picky in choosing the deals that we avail. One big factor would be location because travelling far just to avail of a deal defeats the purpose of saving because it will just go to transportation expenses.

I like getting the massage deals as for me; having a massage is one way to pamper your self to simply relax and feel good. It also helps me recover from lamig to which I frequently suffer from. I prefer massages that have hilot on them (eg. Shui Hilot) and those that adds ventosa because these are the two ways to remove the lamig from your back. At Bravura spa, we got the a 60 minute walking ventosa massage plus a 20 minute (10 per ear) ear candling treatment. Let’s talk first about the massage.

The massage was similar to a Swedish massage because there’s a lot of kneading but they had a different way of kneading. It felt good and I didn’t feel any uncomfortable pain on the usual spots that I usually get on other massages. The pressure was just right for relaxation. As for their ventosa, they used two cups. Also, they would move these cups all over our back in different intervals. While the cups are stationary on our back, they would continue to massage our legs and arms. When the ventosa has finished, we were asked to lie on our backs so that they can finish the massage and move on to the ear candling.

This would be our second try for ear candling. The procedure was still the same where they would lit up a candle that was inserted into our ear. In terms of effectively, I’m not really sure so I think of it as an extra service after the massage.

Getting a massage for only PHP 200 already sounds like a good deal so even without the ear candling, I believe we got our money’s worth on this. Their massage service was really good and I enjoyed it. One final note, does ear candling really work?

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Bravura Spa
Unit 103 Sunette Tower Condominium, Durban St. Poblacion Makati City

Phone: 519-3798, 0999-7556628

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