Brief descriptions of OpenKore files

This guide will provide you with brief descriptions of the OpenKore files. For my other guides in the future, you need to refer to this post to understand some of the things I’m going to be discussing.


This will be a reference to the different text files in Openkore. Although there are already instructions on them, I will still provide some brief descriptions and on how to use them properly. If there’s nothing written for a while that means I have yet to use that file. If you can provide a description for them then you are welcome to share them.

Some explanations of the words I will be using.

boolean – It’s simply two values, true or false. 1 stands for true and 0 stands for false. For example, killsteal 1 means to it will killsteal, killsteal 0 means it will not killsteal.

Inside Control Folder

  • arrowcraft.txt – to be updated
  • avoid.txt – This file is used to avoid players. I’m not sure if this is useful for botters. Avoiding players especially GMs will just raise the suspicion level against you. Format is player_name [tab] (boolean:dc on sight) (boolean: teleport on sight) (boolean: disconnect on sight).
  • chat_resp.txt – to be updated
  • config.txt – This is the most important file for this is the life of your bot. Most of the settings of your bot can be found here. Examples of the things you can do in config.txt.
    • Connection to the server (username, password, which RO server?)
    • lockMap
    • Autobuy, autosell, autostorage configs
    • Skill configs (useselfskill, attackskillslot, attack combo)
    • Bot random walking
    • Homunculus config
  • ConfpackVersion – to be updated
  • consolecolors.txt – to be updated
  • items_control.txt – This file is used to configure your item collection. You can tell the bot which files to (1) store in inventory (buy when needed), (2) store in storage, (3) sell to NPCs and optionally, (4) store in cart. Warning: The default configuration of this file is set to item 0 0 1 so that means it will sell everything even your rares. Please edit it first if you plan to use the autosell function. Although there are already items listed in here, you can add items not yet in the file by following the format. The format is item_name [number to store in inventory] ]boolean:autostorage] [boolean:autosell] [boolean:store in cart]
  • mon_control.txt – Used to give your bot instructions on what to do with monsters. Default config is to teleport away from MVPs and ignore eggs such as Pupa and monster eggs. Edit as you wish. It has a lot of options available I don’t think you will use all of them so the simple format is just monster_name [attack: -1 (ignore), 0 (ignore unless attacked), 1 (attack), 2 (attack like hell), 3 (provoke only)] [teleport: 1 (on sight), 2 (on attack), 3 (dc on sight)]
  • overallAuth.txt – to be updated
  • pickupitems.txt – to be updated
  • priority.txt – Used to prioritize which monster to attack first. In the example, Hydra comes first before Obeaune so it will kill the hydras first before it attacks the Obeaune. I don’t like to use this file. It just gets my bot killed.
  • responses.txt – to be updated
  • routeweights.txt – to be updated
  • shop.txt – to be updated
  • sys.txt – to be updated
  • timeouts.txt – It is recommended not to touch this file. Unless you know what you are doing.

Inside tables folder

Most of the files here do not need to be opened or modified since they are just like a dictionary / reference for your bot program. However there are files that modified at times to fit your needs.

  • npcs.txt – The npcs.txt file is used as reference when you want to know the location of the npcs in ragnarok. It is useful when you want to use Autobuy, autosell, autostorage and Kafra warps automatically. The openkore bot needs to know the exact X and Y coordinates of the NPC so just copy the values here. Openkore automatically updates this file every time it sees an npc that it has not included in the list yet.
  • portals.txt – to be updated
  • servers.txt – All the server details can be found here. If you want to bot on a specific server, make sure the server details are there. Server settings for pRO Valkyrie and pRO Valhalla can be found here.

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