Call For Serenity Home Massage

Call For Serenity Home Massage

One day, I had nothing to do and I wanted to pamper myself a bit so I searched for some home massage services and I decided on “Call For Serenity” since they are based in Makati so shorter travel time for the masseuse.

I called and “ordered” the service I want and was informed that it would take around 30-40 minutes. (Btw, most of our communication was done on text messaging because the agent could not hear me properly via the phone).

40+ minutes later the masseuse has arrived and I availed of the massage. It was Swedish massage (kneading) and I was made to choose the oil I want. I want to oil that gets hot when you rub it (like omega or efficascent oil). I also said to do “hard massage” (more pressure) just to try it out.

The massage was ok. I must admit that the pressure was something new to me as this was the first time I tried hard but it wasn’t too hard that it gives you uncomfortable pain. It was well within my threshold of pain. My back felt good and was very thankful but my legs and arms were unsatisfied. I usually get this ticklish pain when my legs get massaged but for this service, I can’t hardly remember what happened. When it was my head’s turn, I think I kind of dozed off! LoL.

Call For Serenity only offers home services. They do have a website but it doesn’t really offer much information. The basics were there like services, prices and contact details but aside from that, there’s no more information.

Home massages are nice to get once in a while because you will get them at the comfort of your home. However, you would be the one who will have to bring out the towels and possibly stain your bed / sofa or whatever with massage oils.

For a prize of PHP275, it is already good but I would like to try the other massage spas that costs around PHP200 to PHP250 only.

Contact Details:


897-2763 | 890-2033
0916-391-1035 | 0920-904-4660

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