CashCashPinoy – How to Pick-up Items from CashCashPinoy?

CashCashPinoy – How to Pick-up Items from CashCashPinoy?

CashCashPinoy - How to Pick-up Items from CashCashPinoy?

One of the group buying websites that I frequent would be CashCashPinoy. Aside from offering services (e.g. spas, food, travel), they also offer discounted products in which you can either pick-up from their office or you can have it delivered to an address you specify.

I personally pick-up the items because I have heard horror stories on problems on delivery such as delays, missing items, or the item isn’t what as it was described in the deal. If you choose delivery, it would be hard to track it and if you have any problems with it, it is also hard to complain. So save yourself the trouble and pick-up the items yourself. That’s just a small sacrifice you need to do in exchange for peace of mind.

So how do you pick-up items from CashCashPinoy?

The first thing you should know is to check whether the item you purchased needs a reservation or not. If it needs a reservation, you need to call CashCashPinoy before hand else you can simply go to their office to claim the items.

CashCashPinoy Address

CashCashPinoy Address

8th Floor, Lepanto Building, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines

Their building is located along Paseo de Roxas. Inside the building, you need to get sign-in the logsheet and you will be given a gate pass. You need to have CashCashPinoy sign this gate pass so that you can leave the building.

Ride the elevator to the 8th floor and once you exit the elevator, just turn right for “Pick-ups”. The other direction is for deliveries. Once you enter the room, just give your voucher to the person there and wait. In a few minutes, you will get your item and they will sign your gate pass. That’s it! You are done! See how easy it is compared to shipping?

If you have any questions, just let me know so that I can try to help you based on my experiences.

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13 thoughts on “CashCashPinoy – How to Pick-up Items from CashCashPinoy?

  1. I bought four (4) items at cash cash pinoy dated Dec. 13,2012. it is already deducted and I paid in my credit card but until now the items were not yet delivered. I bought them because it is stated that free delivery within the philippines but why until now. nakaka inip mag hintay parang ayaw ko nang mag subscribed nty cash cash pinoy item. bakit yong sa kasama ko nadeliver na iisang opisina lang kami yong sa akin wala pa marami pa nama akong binili. I am residing KIDAPAWAN CITY. Please… help me!

  2. Hi, I’m new with this groupon thing online, and unfortunately I chose Cashcashpinoy, bought 5 voucher for a HongKong travel deal and its been 10 hrs now, yet I haven’t receive the voucher..I’ve been bombarding them with emails and no Response from them, I am so stress coz the credit card has been charged already

  3. Stay away from CASH CASH PINOY! Besides having a very very poor customer service (note that this site does not provide telephone number), the most disappointing issue is about the details of the items on their site, it seems bogus as they cannot meet what is being described such as quality, delivery dates and other issues like items being being pulled out without notification even if it is paid.

    Last July, I bought an item in this site but up to now (almost September), the item is nowhere. Really frustrating!

    Again, stay away from CASH CASH PINOY! Its a SCAM!

  4. i order 4 pcs of swarovski last monday nov.04 2013 amounting 1196.thru bdo katipunan, the confirmation is so fast but ubtil now my swarovski ballpen not delivered how come are you bogus or what please do something its been 5 days already or i will do something about you.

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