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Goodbye, Snail Mail! Find Out New and Reliable Remittance Services for OFWs

Goodbye, Snail Mail! Find Out New and Reliable Remittance Services for  OFWs


Did you know that in 2014 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) remitted a total of Php 1.20 trillion to the Philippines? It was an all-time high, with land-based workers sending in a jaw-dropping $18.7 billion while those at sea sending $5.6 billion. 2015 is not disappointing either, with remittances reaching $10.86 billion for the first five months. That’s because many employers are quite happy with Filipino workers and their dedication to their work. It’s the same dedication that drives them to tirelessly send money home to their loved ones. Continue reading Goodbye, Snail Mail! Find Out New and Reliable Remittance Services for OFWs

BPI Mobile - TXN After Cut-off



BPI Mobile - TXN After Cut-off
BPI Mobile – TXN After Cut-off

Imagine my surprise to seeing a 10k deduction on my BPI account one Sunday morning and the description was “TXN AFTER CUT-OFF“.

My first reaction was to do an inner panic where my brain creates the following scenarios:

  • OMG I got scammed?! But where? When? Why?
  • Is this a system glitch? how come it has only happened now ? Am I lucky or unlucky?
  • Does BPI know about this? I need to call their hotline asap!
  • How about Google? Is this an isolated case? Maybe it has happened to someone else?

Of all the scenarios, the first thing I did was to check Google and did a search to know more about it.

I found out that “TXN After Cut-off” is a generic description used for all transactions that happens on a non-banking day (e.g. Holidays and weekends). So for example, if you withdrew money on a weekend then you will see this message and it will only change on Monday.

Here’s a snippet I got from BPI.

(b) You can access your Accounts through your Express Teller Card/Data/Number 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For purposes of dating your transactions on these 7×24 channels, a bank cut-off time has been implemented. All transactions done before the designated bank cut-off shall be posted to your Account on the same day. Transactions after cut-off on a banking day or completed on a Saturday, Sunday or banking holiday, will be posted on the next banking day.

However, what wasn’t clear to me was what transaction did I do since I didn’t withdraw from any ATM on that day and I only logged in to my account the day after this supposed transaction took place. I have a moment of peace then another round of panic attacks!

… only to realize that maybe this was my auto-deduction for my save-up account. So I quickly checked my save-up account and found the same transaction but instead of debit; it was a credit instead.

Case Solved.

Till next time,