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Back to School – Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Recipes


Got a picky eater back-to-schooler? Let our nutritionist-dietitian approved lunch-box recipes inspire you to cook something deliciously hearty, homemade and healthy. With these Wheatgrass Easy Pha-max infused recipes that help to cleanse, alkalize, and nourish the body, your kids are guaranteed to enjoy highly nutritious school meals. Contains carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, 17 amino acids, 12 vitamins, 10 minerals, more than 100 types of enzymes, chlorophyll and phytochemicals, Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass will also help to fuel your little one’s mind and provide energy throughout the school season. So skip the processed food, opt for wholesome homemade options with these easy-to-make recipes that you, your kids, and the whole family will love!
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Gaming Industry

Is gaming industry exploring new horizons?

Is gaming industry exploring new horizons?

Gaming Industry
Gaming Industry

The rapidly growing gaming industry is on the move and doesn’t seem to stop anywhere in the near future. It has been growing exponentially and with every passing year there is the development of new technological devices that play a contributory role in providing novel experience (like participatory and immersive experiences) to the players and transforming the gaming world. The deep-settled desires of players for richer experiences , new angles and breath-taking graphics is providing an impetus to the developers to come up with better machines and improved softwares. Also, the advent of latest technologies is opening a brand new world for the brands, marketers and forerunners to extract maximum benefit from this booming gaming industry! Continue reading Is gaming industry exploring new horizons?

Iphone Tips and Tricks

23 IPhone 7 Tips and Tricks


Iphone Tips and Tricks
Iphone Tips and Tricks

By having a look at iPhone 7 or 7 plus, you might think at first that nothing has changed and these two new models are same as iPhone 6 and 6s; in reality, this is not the case. The apparent shape and look might seem similar to previous models but there are a number of new features that you can explore, like customizable home button, portrait mode, dual camera plus and much more. Continue reading 23 IPhone 7 Tips and Tricks

The Answer to Choosy Taxi Drivers

The Answer to Choosy Taxi Drivers


Years ago, I wrote ranted about taxis refusing to convey passengers especially during rush hour or when it’s raining. Instead of the us, the passengers, having the right to flag down any taxi; it became the other way around where it became the taxi driver’s right to choose their own passengers depending on the destination or dictate the prices by not using the meters (“contract“).

Passengers have tolerated this (as they have no choice) and reporting this unfortunately hasn’t done much to solve this problem. However, thanks to technology and the brains behind these companies, we now have an alternative against these evil practices.

Say hello to Uber and Grabtaxi!

Grabtaxi / Grabcar

Grabtaxi (in my experience) provides you a way to book taxis and let them come to you for an additional fee. What I liked about this was you have a record on the details of your trip especially taxi and driver details. With all the horror stories about people getting robbed; it’s better to have a lot of safety precautions.

Even better would be Grabcar where you get to ride a private car instead of a taxi. Instead of paying for two items when using Grabtaxi (meter fee + booking fee), you will only need to pay a calculated amount when using grabcar. After you select your destination, you will already see how much you have to pay and the option to add a tip if you want. I found the rates very comparable to a normal taxi ride and what’s more, you get to ride new or recent car models that are clean and well-maintained!

For Grabcar/Grabtaxi, mode of payment is cash.


Another alternative and one that I really enjoy now would be Uber. Uber is similar to Grabcar where you get to ride private cars. However, the big difference would be on the mode of payment. Uber only allows paying through credit card and for me, it is very convenient.

All you need to do is to enter your destination, ride the car and get off the car after your trip. No need to look for money on your wallet; just be prepared on your next credit card statement.

Also, based from my experience, Uber has better GPS locking or has more locations compared to Grabtaxi/car. I tested this by going to different places and allowed both applications to pinpoint my current location. Most of the time, Uber gets it right while Grabtaxi shows my location to where I am not located.

With these two companies offering us alternatives, I have no problems switching to Uber for an additional fee but with no hassle of getting rejected nor preparing cash in advance.

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PS: Despite me feeling bad for the decent taxi drivers who are now having a hard time earning due to the emergence of these apps, it is still hard to forgive those abusive taxi drivers and I have no regrets making the switch to these apps.