CDEX Convert Error

CDEX Convert Error: Extension of File Does Not Match MPEG Layer Tag. File conversion aborted

I was trying to convert an MP3 to WAV using the program CDEX so that I can embed the sound in a powerpoint presentation when I got this error.

Extention of the file Does not Match MPEG Layer Tag. File Conversion Aborted.

My first reaction was why? Do I have a corrupted MP3? Oh well, let me just download a new copy somewhere. However, I failed to download a new copy thus I needed to solve this issue.

So here is the solution.

  1. Open CDEX
  2. Go to Convert -> Convert Compressed Audio File (s) to WAV File (s) F12 and select your “corrupted mp3
  3. You will get a song.WAV
  4. Go to Convert -> Convert WAV Files (s) to Compressed Audio Files (s) F11 and select “song.WAV
  5. You will get a song.MP3
  6. Delete song.WAV or move it somewhere.
  7. Go to Convert -> Add a RIFF-WAV header(s) to MP2 or MP3 file (s)
  8. You will get a song_converted.WAV which you can now embed in your powerpoint presentation.

Very easy right? 🙂

Till next time,


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