PWO - Cellucor C4

Cellucor C4 Preworkout Review

Cellucor C4 Preworkout Review

PWO - Cellucor C4

Let me now tell you about my experience on C4, a preworkout from Cellucor. This would be the 2nd preworkout I have tried (Assault was 1st).

I have great things about C4 (like from my brother who has been using it) so I also wanted to try it out. It was great seeing this on sale from Core Nutrition so I went away and ordered; which arrived 2 hours later!

This would be the fruit punch flavor and it has 60 servings. Let me start first with its supplement facts for you to compare if we got the same formula (old – serving size 5.9g) or you have the new formula (as of writer, C4 Cellucor now has a new look and according to their website; it is now on its fourth generation. Serving size is 6.5g).

Cellucor’s C4 Nutrition Profile:

pwo cellucor c4 nutritional data 60serv

Cellucor C4 Review

First let us start with the mixability and I can say that it mixes quite well. It doesn’t matter if I add water or powder first as a few stirs from my spoon can already mix everything. The fruit punch flavor tasted like four seasons juice; but there’s a slight aftertaste (like when you eat something sweet after brushing your teeth).

As for the effects, I can somehow immediately feel the impact of beta alanine (tingling sensation on my ears and neck). In terms of my workout, similar to assault, this brings more of a boost in confidence. I have yet to thoroughly test on how I perform with and without a preworkout but I don’t know how. I just now that I feel more confident like something’s pushing me.

I just have to mention that as much as possible, stick on the proper serving. I made a mistake by underestimating the effects of this pre workout. On my first try, I followed the serving suggestion of 1 scoop and I felt that I needed a stronger boost. So on my next workout, I made it two scoops which was really a bad move as I felt awful for the rest of the day. I felt nauseous and my stomach was not happy. This wasn’t a coincidence as I did this again recently; around 1 and 1/2 scoop with similar effects. Lesson learned!

Cellucor’s C4 Cost:

Bought this from Core Nutrition (Online FB Seller with free MM delivery) for PHP 2000. Usually these go for PHP 2,200 to PHP 2,300 from a previous price check I did.

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