Chef’s Noodle Grand Opening Launch

Chef’s Noodle Grand Opening Launch

Chef’s Noodle Grand Opening Launch

Last September 18, I attended the Grand Opening of Chef’s Noodle at the University Mall, Taft Avenue. It’s been a while since I laid foot at the University Mall or UMall as we used to call it and it really has changed. It used to be a place where students can hang out to play arcade and pc games but now it has been renovated into a food blogger’s haven with Chef’s Noodle located strategically at the center of the 2nd floor.

Chef’s Noodles was brought to us by the Simisim Group of Companies. Their tagline would be “Delicious, Fast and Affordable Korean Cuisine” that would target students and people on the go. So what kind of food would they be serving? Well, if you say Korean Cuisine, the first thing that comes into mind would be Kimchi right? As for me, it would be meat, meat and more meat (with a BBQ on the center of the table).

Chef Choi holding Chef's Noodle's Signature Dish

But as for Chef’s Noodles, their main specialty would be… noodles; mainly the Chef’s Noodles (shown above with Chef Choi In Sun). Now this is interesting for me as I have heard of Korean Instant Noodles only but never have I tried the non instant variant.

Chef's Noodle Rice Meals

Aside from noodles, they also serve rice meals

Chef's Noodle Bibimbap

Bibimbap (tried this from Mr Kimbab), Kimbap (their own version of sushi which I like!), Korean Pancakes and of course, it won’t be complete without Kimchi.

Grace Lee with Starking Fire Sushi

We also saw Grace Lee as one of the endorsers. In the picture, she’s holding the Starking Fire Sushi which has a unique way of preparing because the servers would bring a blowtorch (I’m exaggerating the tool used) and torch the beef on top of the sushi once they serve the dish. Now that’ something I want to experience!

Although Chef’s Noodle lacks the meat that I crave in Korean Cuisine, it does have interesting dishes that I’d like to try out one of these days. Watch out for it on my Food Blog and who knows, I might be throwing a contest for some Chef’s Noodle GC with it.

Chef’s Noodle is located at the 2/F University Mall, Taft Avenue. For more details and updates on upcoming branches visit and like their page

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