Choosing the best batteries for the wii remote

Choosing the best batteries for the wii remote

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I recently got a WII game console and one of the first things I want to address is the question on “How do I maintain power in my WII remote?“So my research started.

The wii remote is the controller for the wii and just like a remote control, requires power to operate. The power needed for the wii console is different from the power needed for the wii remote. The wii remote is by powered by two (2) AA sized batteries. So this lead me to my problem because if they are powered by batteries and batteries do run out, either I need to get new batteries or stop playing. Not playing is not an option so I did some research on batteries and what batteries would be best for wii remotes?

According to my research, there are many kinds of batteries

  • Alkalines – is the most common battery. This is not recommendable for wii remote because when they run out, you have no choice but to dispose of them which Mother Nature won’t like because of it’s toxic stuff.
  • NiCd batteries – is the old school rechargable battery. I remember using these when I was still playing gameboy but these are so old that it is not advisable to use them. They also contain bad chemicals which is banned in other countries. They are also prone to the “memory effect” where the lifespan shortens every time you recharge them.
  • Ni-MH batteries – is the common rechargable battery. As I read in forums and other websites, people usually suggest that we use these type of batteries for the wii remote.

By simply following the crowd, I limited my selections to choosing only Ni-MH batteries but there were so many brands and chargers out there that it looks overwhelming. But research prevails and here are what I have learned starting with batteries.

When looking for rechargable batteries, I take into consideration the following

  • Capacity – usually measure in mAH. The higher, the better and much more expensive. The highest so far I have seen is 2700.
  • Brand – People would usually recommend certain brands that works for them. So what I do is take notes while doing some research and do some kind of a tally on the brands they have been recommending. Why go for the untested when you can go for the proven (I think this is on a commercial, was it Olay? )
  • Discharge when not in use – This is not actually really a requirement if you are an active wii player (at least daily). But if you want to make sure that the moment you pick up your wii to play days later, you can play without charging first, you need to take this into consideration. Batteries discharge themselves over time and Ni-MH batteries are no exception. There are certain rechargable batteries that tries to minimize this effect (Sanyo Eneloop, Uniross Hybrio)

Through checking, these are the top choices of many …

SANYO Eneloop

  • 2000 mAh (1900 mAh)
  • Super minimal discharge – still has 85% power after 1 year of not using it


Sanyo 2,700 mAh AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

  • 2700 mAh – more power!


Duracell Pre Charged Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries

  • Similar to Sanyo Eneloops
  • Do not confuse with regular Duracell Alkaline


Other batteries worth looking at

Now that you have your rechargable battery, it is time to look for chargers that would give them some juice!

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