Christmas, Confession and Reconciliation

Christmas, Confession and Reconciliation

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! I may have not greeted you all personally but I hope my thoughts would reach you wherever you are.

Yesterday, we attended the mass before Christmas and while waiting for the mass to start, the priest announced that he will accept confessions in a corner. My mother started first then pulled me and my father for a confession. I was shy at first because it has been years since my last confession but at the last moment, I gave in and went to confess.

I talked to the priest and he did not have this “aura” that would make you intimidated. He was beside you and he started by praying for you then he started to listen to your sins. I started telling him my sins from generic sins down to the “sin” that has been bothering me for a while. I did know why but telling this person I just met my sins made calm yet in a way, I was sad. After I finished, he started his sermon to me and gave me my penance. I went back to my place and started praying though I know I won’t be able to achieve my penance at that time.

He taught me about choosing between good and evil. Will you choose salvation or hell? Will you go the straight path or the crooked path? We are all grown-ups now so we can already choose what we want for ourselves and this has been the independence given to us (free will).

As I finished my confession, the priest said that I have now reconciled with the Lord and with that I believe that I was forgiven already for my sins. Forgiveness, something that we want especially when we have created mistakes but it is also something that we don’t want easily to give to others. Our pride / egos would sometimes get in the way of forgiveness. There are also times that we judge the mistake others committed by our own standards and rules (eg. “He committed an unforgivable sin against me, why should I forgive him right away?”). It is a challenge to forgive others right?

Now, let’s change shoes and think that you are the one who has committed the sin. Of course, you wanted to be forgiven as you feel guilty for what you have done and would like to amends with that person. However, no matter how sorry you are or whatever sadness you might feel right now, that would not be the solution nor the start of it. You should always start by forgiving yourself first then you can start by learning from the experience and grow into a better person that has learned from his mistake. Learning to forgive one’s self is usually not being done and this is something that would bother us for a while until we realize we need to do it. Whether that person forgives you or not is already out of your control so just focus on doing things that is still within your control.

Life is too short to be stuck on your mistake so just get up, apologize and go on with life. Now… to apply to self. 🙂

ohh btw, the priest shared to us that whatever wish you made on Christmas Day will come true… so make a wish and do your best to make it come true. 🙂

Merry Christmas once again.

Till next time,


PS: I was able to do my penance earlier today so I feel at ease. ^_^

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