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Christopher Lao Video

Christopher Lao Video

christopher lao

I was just reading the news yesterday (for ideas on my MMDA Traffic Navigator post) and I saw this news snippet of someone who drove his car through the flood and failed. His car floated and GMA News interviewed him about this experience. As I listened to what he was saying, I reacted in the way he complained about what happened. He was blaming everyone , MMDA, people in the streets , who did not stop him from trying to drive his car through the flood. But he didn’t blame himself nor admit he made a mistake.

I moved on with my post and hours later, I would see that the guy has been named and he has been the target of bashing in twitter, facebook, tumblr and other social networking sites. He has become an online sensation (though it is bad publicity) and his car flood video became super viral!

People were commenting on his “stupidity” and “arrogance“. Adding to that, when people knew about this school and academic records, they started bashing his school too. Could things get any worse for this guy? He already has a flooded car (which is a big pain in that 4$$), he was very stressed when he got that ambush interview, he was shown in the tv in his not-so-good-moment and now his character is now being demolished by thousands of people.

I really pity this guy, Mr Christopher Lao,  and I’m hoping that the bashing would stop. He already has enough problems (eg. car), and now he has to go through this dilemma. This “bullying” needs to stop. We can laugh at it, share it with friends but I don’t think it’s proper anymore to create fan pages declaring how stupid he is, creating photos and videos to further humiliate this guy and other stuffs to “prove” the point of his mistake in judgement and words on TV.

Just think of how he will wake up today, tomorrow and once he gets out of this house, people will brand him for his mistake. That’s psychological and emotional torture!

Let’s move on guys! Instead of making fun of Christopher Lao, why don’t we address flooding instead? I think that’s something that’s worthy of our attention? For example, why don’t we bash everyone who throws their trash in the streets then complain when there’s flood. They also don’t blame themselves but blame others especially the government and MMDA. Are these people also worthy of being the top trending topic in twitter or are they not because they were not seen on tv?

See the video here. Christopher Lao – Car Flood Video

After seeing this video, react then move on. Christopher Lao has made a mistake (as every one else does).

You may be amused by the mistakes or misfortunes of others. But, this does not entitle you to degrade their entire character or make conclusions about their whole person,” said former UP College of Law Dean Marvic Leonen in a Facebook post defending Christopher Lao.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I just wish that people could focus more on important things (i.e. Victims of flood, how they can help) other than trivial things (i.e. Christopher Lao)

  2. Mr. Christopher Lao is a good example for those stupid and arrogant students of UP and same for other high universities here in the Philippines. Let this be a lesson.

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