Chrome has been constantly crashing on me

Chrome has been constantly crashing

When I first used Chrome, I was thinking if it was enough for me to ditch Firefox and keep on using Chrome. For a time, I was using Chrome more than firefox and I was thinking, will I make the switch?

However, recently, Chrome has been crashing on me on a daily basis. It even came to a point where I can’t surf a few tabs where it would crash and I will repeat everything again. It has greatly affected my usage of it and now I have tucked chrome somewhere in my computer and currently using Firefox again.

I hope Chrome developers will take notice of these soon and fix their crashing else they will never beat Firefox.

2 thoughts on “Chrome has been constantly crashing on me

  1. Yeah I have tha very same issue. I’m using a beta, though (OSX version here). I hope google fix it soon, because firefox and safari are too slow and crashes a lot (I thinks it’s the flash plugin but I’m not sure)!

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