Clash of Lords (a Clash of Clans Clone)

Clash of Lords (a Clash of Clans Clone)

Clash of Lords (a Clash of Clans Clone)

Clash of Clans is a famous game in the Apple World and sadly, it is not available in Android. So what do people do to games that’s not available? Either they request the developer to port it to Android or other developers create a game similar to it. Now, we have Clash of Lords, a clone of Clash of Clans.

They have a lot of similarities starting from the cartoonish graphics, dependencies on builders to do town improvements, similar modes of attacking / multiplayer, gems as the paid currency and many more! I only started to play this game casually and I’m still learning the ropes. Frequent updates are being rolled out by the developers (in a week; I’ve updated the game twice already). Hopefully I won’t get that addicted similar to how I played when playing Ikariam (which my 3-4 years account was already deleted due to inactivity – sad).

So for now, I’ll play this game when I don’t have anything to do with Blood Brothers. Once I gain more knowledge in this game, I’ll write tips and tricks for Clash of Lords.

Here’s the download link for Clash of Lords.

Platform Download Link


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  1. Hi Allen,

    I am a bit confuse, is it available on android or not? Because I think you have a typo error on your first paragraph. Anyway, thanks for this info. Hope to hear from you soon.


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