Clash of Lords Tip and Tricks

Clash of Lords Tips and Tricks

Clash of Lords Tips and Tricks

Clash of Lords Tip and Tricks

Update: with the addition of heroes and the new update; it has been more challenging but I believe the same tips still apply.

I have been playing Clash of Lords for a few days now and I’ve learned a thing or two while playing this game. Allow me to share these learning to you via this post. This will be an ongoing guide because the more I play, the more I learn especially on strategies and what and what not to do. So without further ado, let us start the Clash of Lords Tips and Tricks post.

1. Always Upgrade – Whenever you have the chance or the resources; go for upgrading your buildings.

2. Upgrade your town hall last – Make it a habit to upgrade your town hall last. Try to upgrade all the buildings allowed until you get the message that a higher town hall is needed. While upgrading your town hall gives you new buildings and higher levels, you will then be competing with other players with the same town hall as you. If your other buildings have a lower level; then you might have to do a lot of catching up.

3. Units deployed are lost forever – Even if they survive the battle, you won’t get them back. So try to strategize to minimize your losses… or if you are like me, go ballistic and deploy everyone. As long as you gain more than you spend, it doesn’t matter to me.

4. No spaces allowed – When you drag and drop your buildings; have you noticed a black outline (e.g. like creep for Zerg and Undead) ? This is your territory and the enemy cannot deploy on these black outlines. They can only do so on those without so when spacing your buildings, ensure that they are close enough together to maintain that black outline. Do not leave a spot in the middle of your base else say bye bye to your resources.

5. Don’t put your base in the corner – It might sound like a good idea but enemies can deploy in the forest and destroy your town inside out.

6. Straight walls and 90 degree angle only – To maximize protection and wall use.

7. Choose your battles wisely – Look for those with lots of resources, no or less walls, currently upgrading their defenses structures and especially those with gaps in the middle. You can always look for another enemy (for a small fee) if the one you got is heavily defended. I sometimes have to go through a lot just to find a ripe juicy target.

That’s all I have so far. Will add more once I get to higher levels. The waiting time for buildings is getting higher and higher!

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  1. Just an additional tip, equip your Minotours/Brutes with at least 2 fairies, this will make them almost invincible, just be sure to avoid arial defenses for the fairies as they have very very low health 🙂

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