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I usually leave comments to blog posts/articles that I wanted to praise or to ask some questions. However, due to the numerous blogs I visit, I could not manually keep track which blog and which blog post I left a comment on to continue with the conversations. I consulted Google Search for this and found this webtool called, co.mments.

What is co.mments?

Co.mments helps you stay on top of the conversation by keeping you updated of new comments. Just bookmark, track and follow. (from their website)

This basically does what I could not do manually. Co.mments will keep track of the comments that you leave on blogs and notify you of any new comments.

So like, how do we use this?

How to use co.comment?

Step 1: Register for a free account

Actually, registering is optional but if you have a lot of blog posts to track, I recommend that you register. It makes tracking much easier.

Step 2: Install the bookmarklet to your browser

You can find it at Currently, it supports firefox, safari, opera, ie and other browsers.

Basically, what this does is add a bookmark to your browser containing the co.mments script. If you want to track that specific blog post, just click on your co.comments bookmark. See this picture below, I wanted to track the comments at PinoyBlogero’s post so I just click on the bookmark.

Co.mment pic # 1

Step 3: Track your comments

In step 2, I showed you that I wanted to track PinoyBlogero’s post and going to the main page of co.mments, we can see our tracked post. In this page, we can keep track of all the posts whose comments we are tracking and we have three options on what we can do to them.

  1. Remove – Stop tracking that blog post
  2. Recheck – Recheck the post for new comments
  3. Clear – Mark the comments of that blog post as read. Just mark the comments you have read so that it won’t be marked as new. So only when new comments have been written that the new comment will be showing again.


I just started using this and I am impressed. It makes managing the blog posts where you have left comments much easier. Co.mments also has a feed that you can subscribe to. That feed would contain the new comments on all the blog posts you have tracked.

I’m still observing and learning about it. ^_^

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